Colored Diamond Jewelry

Blue Diamond JewelryApples of Gold Jewelry's new collection of blue diamond jewelry and black diamond jewelry are genuine, natural white diamonds that have been colored enhanced through heat treatment or irradiation to obtain their beautiful and rich blue or black colors.

Colored diamonds are, in fact, natural, authentic diamonds that are subjected to high temperatures and high pressure. The heat and pressure simulate conditions during a diamond's natural formation in the Earth. This causes alterations in the diamond's structure and appearancein this case, color. Temperatures reach as high as 3,452 Degrees Fahrenheit to 3,812 degrees Fahrenheit.Black Diamond Jewelry

Another process is sometimes employed, called irradiation, for the purpose of natural diamond color treatment. Irradiation is a type of ionizing radiation and a level of radiation that will serve a specific purpose. Irradiation is often used for such purposes as sterilizing objects such as medical instruments as well as food sterilization. During the 2001 U.S. anthrax attacks, the US Postal Service irradiated mail to protect members of the US government and other targets. Irradiations other popular use is in the form of jewelry, diamonds, and gemstones.Black Diamond Pendants

Blue Diamond RingsBlack diamonds and blue diamonds are real diamonds that have been treated to obtain their beautiful and rich blue and black colors through either heat treatment or irradiation. Give the unexpected. With Apples of Gold Jewelry's new line of blue diamond and black diamond jewelry, your jewelry will be unavoidably unique and fashionable.


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