Heart-Shaped Rhodonite Ring in Silver

Heart-Shaped Rhodonite Ring in Silver

Item #: NRB-5092-RHN-CZWH-R
Retail Value: 125.00

Ring Size:


Whether you are looking for a cocktail ring for a special party, or a piece that will compliment your outfit any day of the week, this heart shaped rhodonite ring in silver from Apples of Gold Jewelry is not to be missed!

The authentic heart shaped rhodonite gemstone, which has a vibrant, violet red hue, measures a generous 13mm by 11mm in size, and is surrounded by stunning detail work in a lace like pattern. The sides of the gemstone each feature a cut out design on the band of the ring, along with a white cubic zirconia stone to add extra personality to this stylish piece.

We guarantee our Heart-Shaped Rhodonite Ring in Silver to be high quality, authentic jewelry, as described above.
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