Oval Kyanite Stone Etched Ring in Silver

Oval Kyanite Stone Etched Ring in Silver

Item #: NRB-6340-KYA-R
Retail Value: 375.00

Ring Size:


This oval kyanite stone etched ring in silver from Apples of Gold Jewelry combines a denim colored kyanite gemstone and .925 sterling silver to create a stunning look!

The cornflower blue of this authentic kyanite gemstone is perfect for fans of unique and stylish jewelry. The 27mm by 22mm size of this gemstone allows you to fully appreciate its color and beauty, and the oval cut is both stylish and perfect for this ring. The etching on the sides and face of the ring makes it even more unique and playful; truly a perfect addition to any jewelry lover's collection!

We guarantee our Oval Kyanite Stone Etched Ring in Silver to be high quality, authentic jewelry, as described above.
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