Sterling Silver Satin Finish Heart Ring

Sterling Silver Satin Finish Heart Ring

Item #: QGRG-QR1840
Retail Value: 75.00



There is no mistaking the message of this heart-shaped ring when worn in full display on the finger. It speaks of love and devotion, and also holds a sense of purity, for which all of these qualities are embodied in this sentimental piece. The Sterling Silver Satin Finish Heart Ring is big and bold, yet elegantly shaped in a classic heart design giving it a feminine, modern feel. The heart is one of the most recognized symbols in the world and has factored into jewelry design for centuries.

This contemporary ring is a beautiful way to celebrate true love. At its center is a sculpted heart raised above the ring in a magnificent display of emotion. The heart is made of sterling silver (.925) and measures 18mm by 19mm. Its curving sides pick up the light, pouring a soft glow over the satin finish and bringing attention to it. Underneath sits a lovely sterling silver band buffed to a high polish, creating a shimmering backdrop to the curious ring.

This sterling silver ring can be fun and flirty, or simply meant to say that your heart belongs to someone special. The interpretation is all yours, in whatever way you choose to wear it.

Heart measures 18mm (11/16") x 19mm (3/4"). Band measures 3mm wide.

We guarantee our Sterling Silver Satin Finish Heart Ring to be high quality, authentic jewelry, as described above.
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