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7 Must-See Platinum Wedding Bands and Rings

Over the years, we’ve seen which of our platinum wedding bands have risen as bright, shining stars in our best seller’s list. Based on both customer response and our personal favorites, here are 10 Must-See Platinum wedding bands and rings that are worthy.

First in the 7-Must See Apples of Gold Jewelry lineup happens to be our #1 best seller in this category and has been for years. We’re talking about our etched paisley band which is available in both men’s and women’s sizes. In fact, almost every ring sold from Apples of Gold is available individually or can be purchased as a set. Let’s begin with the line-up!

Platinum Etched Paisley Wedding Band Ring

Platinum Paisley Wedding Band Ring

A ornate and beautiful paisley design is deeply etched into this band for women and men. The band measures 7mm wide and is comfort fit. And as, always, like all of Apples of Gold’s platinum jewelry, it is 950 grade platinum (the highest grade of platinum available for jewelry). This ring, like all of the wedding bands shown here, are also handmade in the U.S.A.

Platinum Hammered Wedding Band Ring

Next in our lineup is a popular seller especially for men because of its subtle but rugged design (although it is also available for men and makes a perfect matching set!) We’re talking about our platinum hammered wedding band ring, made in 6mm width and comfort fit design. This is a classic, versatile look which will last through the generations. It has longterm appeal, not something you will get tired of looking at over the years and you never have to worry about fashion trends changing with this one. It is here to stay.

Platinum Braided Wedding Band Ring

Very few jewelers spend the time to craft such a gorgeous braided platinum wedding band, because it takes real skill and qualiy craftsmanship to do it right. Each ring is individually made to order and the braids are handwoven together in real 950 grade platinum, which is no easy task. But the designers at Apples of Gold have over 35 years of jewelry experience. While most platinum rings are plain and machine-made, this handmade ring stands out among the platinum crowd.

Victorian platinum paisley floral wedding band ring

We love this ring because it is made from an original circa 1800s jewelry molds. Our designer discovered its original parts and now uses them to create brand new creations using original hubs to create each vintage piece. Our Victorian Paisley Floral Platinum Ring is yet another style that will not fade, as it has already withstood the test of time.

platinum and titanium celtic wedding band ring

What makes this ring so appealing is that it is made with both titanium and platinum. The center is made with titanium and is set into a platinum band. While some people debate between choosing titanium and the more precious platinum metal, with this Platinum and Titanium Celtic Wedding Band Ring, you get the best of both worlds. The celtic center design also adds appeal and allure, since most bands made in these precious, alternative metals are rarely so exquisite. Available, as always, for both men and women, based on your desired ring size. And, with all of the rings we’ve listed, this band is hand-made in the U.S.A. (ships worldwide).

Platinum Floral Vineyard Wedding Band Ring

Flowers and vines adorn this very unique platinum floral wedding band ring from Apples of Gold Jewelry. Made in a 5.5mm width, this ring is handmade right here in the U.S.A. in 950 grade pure platinum. It takes expert craftsmanship to create such a beautiful wedding band and Apples of Gold has done it once again.

Platinum Engraved Paisley Wedding Band Ring

Last in our 7-must-see line up is our Platinum Engraved Wedding Band Ring available for men and women. We started with a paisley ring and it’s appropriate to end with one; these are simply and have always been very popular designs. There’s geometric symmetry inherent in the beautiful curves and flourishes which make up this platinum ring. Get it from Apples of Gold Jewelry in 950 grade platinum.





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