What is the Difference Between Titanium and Platinum? 

Two very popular metals used in making rings, particularly wedding and engagement rings, are titanium and platinum. Both are white metals that make lovely rings. Both can be shaped into intricate and detailed designs. But that’s pretty much where they cease being alike. Those aspects aside, the differences between the two become more apparent when compared.

Comparing the purity of the metals

Most platinum used in jewelry making is 950 grade, which translates to 95% platinum and 5% alloy, such as iridium or ruthenium. Because platinum is such a hard metal, using an alloy makes it possible to shape the metal into jewelry.

Aircraft grade titanium is used to make rings, and it is usually alloyed with other metals such as aluminum and vanadium to make it more malleable. Generally speaking, the titanium used in jewelry is 90% titanium, 6% aluminum, and 4% vanadium.

Comparing the cost

hammered titanium wedding band ringTitanium costs about 1/8th the cost of platinum. A hammered titanium wedding band from Apples of Gold retails for about $275, where a comparable hammered wedding band ring white goldhammered platinum wedding band can cost more than $2,300. But the value of a platinum band, strictly from an investment viewpoint far surpasses titanium. Ultimately, however, its aesthetic and personal appeal are what draw you first and foremost. Wedding bands are meant to last a lifetime, and although both platinum and titanium are long-lasting, platinum grows in value due to its rarity.

Comparing the weight

Some people like the weight of platinum, and some prefer the lightness of titanium. Platinum and titanium are both extremely hard metals, but titanium is lightweight in comparison.

Which should you choose?

Whether to choose platinum or titanium is a very personal matter, and your reasons for buying must be taken into consideration. Titanium is lightweight, is often colored, and is not as expensive. Platinum is heavy, luxurious, and rare, yet very expensive. If you are not interested in making an investment financially, titanium might be the way to go. If, however, you want your ring to increase in value, then choose platinum.

Apples of Gold’s promise to you

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