Why The Days Of Yellow Gold Are Not Over 

With the popularity of white gold on the rise, it might seem that yellow gold has seen its glory days. Not so! Yellow gold continues to be popular and will probably always be. Here’s why.

Gold is a precious commodity that is malleable enough to be made into jewelry, but will not rust or corrode. Its value continues to rise, and for many, wearing gold is a status symbol. Since prehistoric times, gold has enjoyed a stellar reputation, and with the addition of alloy metals, it is longer lasting than ever.

Although gold makes women feel beautiful, it is certainly not for women only. Men’s watches and jewelry are also popularly made of yellow gold. Chains, rings, tie bars, cufflinks, and bracelets are all fashionable items that men enjoy wearing.

5mm-yellow-gold-polished-ball-post-earrings-16zcIn many cultures, weddings are not considered complete without the addition of something in gold. Usually, that comes in the form of engagement and wedding rings, but lockets, pendants, bracelets and earrings are also popular. Gold is also used in many other kinds of ceremonies such as religious and awards.cr-3c

In past eras, as today, many dynasties have held gold as the most valuable treasure, and in today’s jewelry trends, items made to look old are coveted. Precious stones, including diamonds are used extensively in pairing with gold jewelry, making each item even more valuable.

ens3004abysetcGold is essentially non-allergenic and it does not react with other metals. Because of its softness, pure gold is generally not used for jewelry, as it would wear down easily. Instead, it is alloyed to become 18 karat, 14 karat, or 10 karat for jewelry. Still quite malleable, it can be fashioned into many intricate designs that hold up well to wear.

Yellow gold never goes out of style. It is as popular today as it has ever been, and will likely continue to be. Its investment value is often taken into consideration when purchasing jewelry, but its aesthetic value is more often the reason yellow gold is chosen. It has an ageless appeal that has been around for centuries. It is valued more highly than other metals and will continue to be held in high esteem for generations to come.



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