Among Our Best Selling Princess-Cut Diamond Engagement Rings 

The 3/4 Carat princess-cut diamond engagement ring with a “floret” (little flower) design has been among Apples of Gold Jewelry’s best selling diamond engagement ring for several reasons. For one thing, it is priced with value in mind. Click on the current product to get today’s price: 3/4 carat princess cut diamond engagement ring.

3/4 carat princess-cut diamond engagement ring

It’s also evidently beautiful, as you can see from the picture above. It’s set with a 1/4 carat princess-cut diamond center stone with two 0.15 carat princess-cut sides stones for a total of 0.30 carats and a splash of white diamonds bringing the total up to 3/4 carats in all.

best selling princess-cut diamond engagement ring

One of our customers wanted a picture of the ring, which you can see above. Nothing fancy, it was just taken on a Samsung cell phone’s camera, as we had one in stock in a size 4.5. That’s why our model (my wife) couldn’t get the ring all the way on her finger, since she’s closer to a 5.5 or 6. But you can see the dimensions of the ring with a hand to get an idea of the engagement ring’s size.

We use only high quality H Color, SI clarity stones for our floret princess-cut ring and also have a full 1 carat three-stone princess-cut diamond engagement ring version of the same design if you prefer something a tad bigger.

We even have the same ring for you as a platinum three-stone princess-cut diamond engagement ring if you prefer platinum, for just a few hundred dollars more to cover costs.

Apples of Gold Jewelry has a diverse collection of bridal jewelry, which you can view for our latest collections.

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