An Engagement is the Start of a Beautiful Future 

An engagement is the start of a beautiful future. And so, it is important to start your new life together with beautiful rings. is a wonderful place to find your engagement and wedding rings online. Realistically, retail jewelry is just too expensive. Most jewelers add a 100% markup; and even if you think the jewelry is the right quality, who can afford that? At Apples of Gold, we offer absolutely quality at very affordable prices. In fact, you’ll often find very similar high-end designs at, but often at a 30-40% discount. Every ring comes with a N0-Risk 45 Day Return Policy, and we always provide Free Shipping. These are stunning, intricate designs that’s plain to see have been crafted with love and passion. Everything about them is memorable and timeless, so just like your union, they will last a lifetime!

You might think that our name is a little unusual, Apples of Gold, however, it’s derived from the Bible, Proverbs 25:11, and we embrace this because we are a company with a genuine, with both a focus on integrity and ethics. So, don’t spend hours in overpriced stores. Sit down, relax, and start your search for engagement and wedding rings at This is the start of the rest of your life!

Update as of 11/19/2013 – Apples of Gold is an American Brand. As of this post, the vast majority of all wedding rings from Apples of Gold are made in the U.S.A. View wedding band rings from to find your perfect pick or shop our engagement ring selection to find quality diamond ring jewelry from 0.25 carat to 1 full carat bridal ring sets and engagement rings.

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