Birthstone Spotlight: Citrine 

Citrine and Diamond Cocktail Ring in 14K White GoldThe vibrant citrine seems to come just in time as the birthstone for the month of November. At the time of year when the trees lose the last of their leaves, the night comes earlier and the days grow colder, citrine jewelry provides a more than welcome burst of sunshine.

While this gemstone has been valued for thousands of years, it’s only been known by its present name since the middle of the 16th century, when German metallurgist Georg Bauer, who has been called the father of modern mineralogy,” referred to it as citrine. Until then, it was simply called “yellow quartz.”

Trillion-Cut Citrine and Diamond Ring

The word citrine is derived from “citron,” the Latin word for citrus, and it’s not hard to see why it gained this moniker. The bright golden hue of this gem calls to mind the color of the skin of a lemon, and its sparkle is more refreshing than a tall glass of lemonade on a sweltering day.

Citrine rings like the Citrine and Diamond Cocktail Ring in 14K White Gold can instantly wake up your look. This daring yet enduringly elegant design features a bold oval-shaped citrine, 10mm high and 8mm wide, and surrounds it with a frame of 24 small round diamonds. Accenting the slender band of this glamorous ring are 10 additional diamonds that add to this style’s abundant sparkle.

Three Stone Citrine Ring, 14K GoldThe bold look of citrine makes it a more than fitting pick for contemporary looks, and the Trillion-Cut Citrine and Diamond Ring is a perfect example of the citrine’s suitability for modern styles. A 6mm trillion-cut citrine is the star of this lively piece, and it’s accented in asymmetrical fashion by four small round diamonds, three on one side and one on the other. The modern triangular shape of this stone with slightly rounded-off sides gives this ring as bit of an edge, while its bright color adds a touch of fun. A simple polished band of 14K white gold provides a sleek foundation.

The Three Stone Citrine Ring in 14K Gold demonstrates the strikingly sunny combination that results when citrine is paired with yellow gold, as well as the fact that a citrine style doesn’t need to be complicated to be stunning. A smooth 2mm-wide band of warm gleaming gold holds a trio of glittering round citrines, a 4mm center gem and two 3.5mm side stones, all placed securely in four-prong settings. This timeless ring is overflowing with sunshine.

Emerald Cut Citrine Solitaire Ring in 14K White GoldIf you’d prefer an even simpler but equally beautiful design, try the Emerald Cut Citrine Solitaire Ring in 14K White Gold, a ring that’s unfussy yet undeniably glamorous. The centerpiece of this chic style is a rectangular-shaped emerald-cut citrine, 8mm high and 6mm wide. The clean lines of this eye-catching gem are complemented perfectly by the simple four-prong setting and uncomplicated, gleaming band.

Citrine was first recognized as a gemstone during the time of Greek empire, though it was used before that as an embellishment on tools, a custom that came back in the 17th century when Scottish weapon makers used this gem to accent the handles of daggers—they even used large citrines as they handles of the daggers themselves!

Thanks to Queen Victoria’s affection for this gem, citrine became popular in the middle of the 19th century. This monarch was also particularly fond of Scottish culture, and citrine showed up in Scottish broaches and kilt pins.

1 Carat Art Deco Citrine Engagement Ring, 14K White GoldIn the 1920s, this old gem was “new” again as it became a popular pick in the Art Deco period, and continued to remain in favor throughout the 1930s and 1940s as Hollywood starlets embraced this stone. The 1 Carat Art Deco Citrine Engagement Ring in 14K White Gold gives a big nod to this era as it showcases a glittering 6mm round citrine within the smooth, gleaming petals of an opening lotus flower, making it seem as if warm sparkle is emulating from the very center of this elegant blossom. This striking bloom is set on a band that’s been meticulously carved with a leaf and swirl motif that calls to mind times past while perfectly complementing this style’s centerpiece.

Victorian Floral Oval Citrine Ring in .925 Sterling SilverIf you’d prefer a style that reaches a little further into the past, try the Victorian Floral Oval Citrine Ring in .925 Sterling Silver. This feminine piece surrounds a 10mm-high oval-shaped citrine with a detailed, expertly-carved vintage motif that blossoms on the wearer’s finger. It’s the perfect example of the way that the bright sparkle of citrine can make even styles that are more than a century old seem fresh and perfect for the present.

Today, even the ever-elegant Kate Middleton has been recently spotted wearing citrine drop earrings on numerous occasions, and if you’d like to emulate her style sense, Apples of Gold has a number of lovely citrine earrings to choose from. The 2.50 Carat Cushion-Cut Citrine and Diamond Earrings surround a pair of 6mm cushion-cut citrines with a total of 24 small diamonds and allows them to drop just slightly below the wearer’s earlobe.

2.50 Carat Cushion-Cut Citrine and Diamond EarringsIf you’d prefer a pair of classic studs, try the Citrine Stud Earrings in 14K White Gold. This simply styled pair features gemstones in your choice of size (4mm, 5mm or 6mm), held by secure four-prong settings of gleaming 14K white gold. This pair comes with your pick of push backs or screw backs, and similar styles are available in 14K yellow gold and platinum for fans of other metals. No matter which metal you choose, these studs would be a welcome addition to any jewelry collection and would make a lovely gift.

Citrine Stud Earrings, 14K White GoldWhile citrine is sometime mistaken for topaz, it doesn’t have much in common with its orangish-yellow counterpart. In most cases, citrine, as a type of quartz, is a more affordable option than topaz, giving lovers of warm, striking sparkle a beautiful and wallet-friendly option.

Citrine pendants, rings and earrings may feature the November birthstone, but their beauty and warmth is loved year-round. These stunning pieces seem to capture sunlight and emulate it on even the grayest of days.

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