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It’s official! The results are in. Apples of Gold Jewelry has been conducting Twitter polls of their followers online on a variety of topics, from your favorite precious metal to your favorite Thanksgiving dish for the holidays to whether gold, stocks or cryptocurrency are the best investment. Recently, we conducted a poll which gained a lot of traction and retweets about your favorite recent president. We asked, “Who is your favorite modern American president”?

favorite modern American president poll

The choices were as follows: Ronald Regan, Donald J. Trump. John F. Kennedy or Joe Biden. The results were not too surprising, knowing that we have a large conservative base of followers, since we are an America First company with traditional, American values. That’s not to say that we don’t serve all of our customers equally, no questions asked. We do. We value every customer, from the $50 sterling silver jewelry purchase to the $5,000 diamond engagement ring to our favorite: gold cross pendants for men and women. We don’t ask about our customers’ politic beliefs, but we do not shy away about talking about them and having an honest rapport with all of our customers, no matter which side of the political isle with which they identify. We’re one of those companies that doesn’t seek to get political, but to rather focus on providing a high quality products an an effective and personable customer service experiencing. Our independent third-pary customer reviews, thankfully, reveal that we are hitting the mark.

The results of our poll? Overwhelmingly, President Donald J. Trump won and far exceeded all other options, with a whopping 80.6% stating that he is their favorite president in modern American history. In second place was Ronald Regan, but with a mere 14.9%. John F. Kennedy lagged far behind at 3%, with Joe Biden at a nominal 1.5% of those polled. This is no surprise in that our poll took place in the last days of November 2021, as Americans faced economic challenges from high unemployment, high inflation, rising gas and energy prices and an extreme political divide in the nation. People want President Trump back!

Do you prefer to shop with a jewelry brand who puts America First and values traditional, conservative, family values? While we will never discriminate and love and value all of our customers unequivocally, shop with a brand that values the American way.

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