Birthstone Spotlight: Sapphire 

Sapphire Modern Solitaire Engagement RingNo gemstone captures the beauty of the evening quite like the sapphire. With its dark blue color that calls to mind the night sky and a sparkle that dazzles like the glimmer of a thousand stars, this classic precious gemstone is the perfect gemstone for the time of year when the days start to grow shorter. Thus, it’s no surprise that the sapphire is the birthstone for September. Sapphire jewelry is a gorgeous way to transition from summer to fall, and it has a classic appeal that never goes out of fashion.

The sapphire seems to capture the richest, deepest hue of blue, infusing it with lively sparkle and creating a look that’s been sought after for thousands of years, from Russia to India to England.  This rich indigo hue is stuff of legend, and has long has been associated with the beauty of a clear sky. The ancient Persians believed that the earth rested upon a giant sapphire and that the reflection of that sapphire was what gave the heavens their color.

3 Carat Total Diamond and Sapphire Ring, 14K White Gold

Sapphire is actually is comprised of corundum, the same mineral that makes up another classic precious gemstone—the ruby. Pure corundum is colorless, and the rich color of the sapphire is the result of the presence of trace amounts of iron and titanium. Of course, you don’t need to understand why the sapphire is blue to appreciate the stunning beauty of sapphire rings.

The timeless beauty of the sapphire is simply yet stunningly showcased in solitaire styles. While Apples of Gold carries traditional sapphire solitaires, if you’d rather a single-stone ring with a subtle modern twist, don’t miss the Sapphire Modern Solitaire Engagement Ring, which replaces the usual four prongs with four pairs of prongs as it showcases a 6.5mm round sapphire. Although this is technically an engagement ring, it could serve equally well on your right hand.

Tension Set Sapphire Engagement Ring

If you’re thinking of popping the question with a sapphire ring, you’re in good company. Jean Harlow, Joan Crawford and Elizabeth Taylor all wore sapphire engagement rings, and Joan Crawford was such a big fan of the sapphire that this gemstone was nicknamed “Joan Blue” after her. More recently, Princess Diana wore a stunning sapphire style: an 18 carat sapphire surrounded by a frame of dazzling diamonds (a lot like Apples of Gold’s 3 Carat Total Diamond and Sapphire Ring in 14K White Gold). This same ring took the spotlight not too long ago when Prince William presented it to Kate Middleton, proving that sapphire engagement rings are more than fit for modern-day princesses.

If you’d like a sapphire engagement ring with a distinctly modern feel that still gives a nod to classic style, try the Tension Set Sapphire Engagement Ring. This eye-catching style hugs a 6.5mm round sapphire on the top and bottom in a fluidly-curving 14K white gold tension setting that seems to suspend it in midair.

Sapphire and Diamond Halo Ring in 14K White GoldMany of Apples of Gold’s sapphire and diamond rings could also serve equally well as engagement rings or fashion statements. These pieces turn heads with their stunning use of contrast between the deep, saturated hue of the sapphire and the colorless dazzle of diamonds. The Sapphire and Diamond Halo Ring in 14K White Gold is a striking example as it surrounds an 8mm round sapphire with a frame of glittering round diamonds. Additional diamonds are channel set in the gleaming band, finishing off this glamorous interpretation of the timeless halo ring.

Trillion-cut Sapphire and Diamond RingSapphire jewelry is also an excellent way to wear this fall’s navy trend. A deep blue hue is big this season, and the sapphire is an incredibly glamorous way to wear this color. The Trillion-cut Sapphire and Diamond Ring is an excellent contemporary take on this gemstone, as it displays a 0.75 carat trillion cut sapphire and accents it in asymmetrical fashion with four small round diamonds.

Antique-Style Sapphire Wedding Ring Set



From Helen of Troy to Charlemagne to Catherine the Great, the sapphire has a long history of capturing eyes and imaginations. It’s this perpetual beauty and class that makes this gemstone an excellent pick for vintage styles such as the Enchanted Blue Sapphire Ring in 14K White Gold. This Victorian-inspired ring places a 4.5mm round sapphire with a meticulously-crafted motif of swirls and leaves. It’s also available with a coordinating wedding band as part of the Antique-Style Sapphire Wedding Ring Set.

Sapphire & Diamond Hoop Earrings in 14k White GoldIf you’re looking for the perfect sapphire piece to preset as a gift, try a pair of sapphire earrings. Fans of simple, classy looks will love the Sapphire Stud Earrings in 14K White Gold, a pair that holds two round sapphires in timeless basket settings. Choose from three sizes— 4mm (0.80 carats total), 5mm (1.5 carats total) or 6mm (2.40 carats total)—for just the right amount of blue sparkle. Or, if you’d rather a pair with a little more dangle, try the Sapphire and Diamond Hoop Earrings in 14K White Gold, a pair of hoops that alternates small round sapphires with pairs of glittering diamonds, and fastens with secure lever backs.Sapphire and Three Stone Diamond Heart Pendant, 14K White Gold

Sapphire pendants also make excellent gifts for anyone born in September—or anyone who’s a fan of timeless sophistication. The Sapphire and Three Stone Diamond Heart Pendant in 14K White Gold is a lovely pick for anyone close to your heart. This graceful piece accents an elegantly curving symbol of love with a 0.15-carat round sapphire and three smaller round diamonds for a look with affectionate charm.

Sapphire Solitaire Cross Pendant, 14K White GoldIn many cultures and time periods, people have viewed the sapphire as a symbol of heaven and of eternal life. While this symbolism may not be nearly so common today, it does give cross pendants that are adorned with sapphire an extra shade of meaning.  For example, the little round sapphire that studs the center of the Sapphire Solitaire Cross Pendant in 14K White Gold gives this piece not only a splash of blue sparkle, but also a subtle symbol of the life that’s found through Christ’s living water.

In addition to its beauty, the sapphire is just a step below the diamond in hardness, making pieces that feature it pieces of lasting beauty. Their rich blue sparkle will endure for countless Septembers to come.

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