Filigree Engagement Rings: Proposing With a Work of Art 

Paisley Design 1/2 Carat Diamond Ring, 14K White GoldLooking for an engagement ring that’s truly a work of art? Then don’t pass by filigree engagement rings! These styles display a time-honored craft that’s been loved around the world, making them excellent ways to celebrate a love that’s enduring and beautiful. Apples of Gold’s collection of antique-style engagement rings includes a number of stunning filigree styles, each of which provides its own unique interpretation of a centuries-old art form.

Filigree has been used for hundreds of years, and is believed to have originated in ancient Egyptian, Etruscan and Greek civilizations. From there, it spread throughout the globe, to far-reaching locations including Phoenicia, Byzantium, India and Ireland.

The very word “filigree” provides a big clue about the nature of this art form. Derived from the Latin words for “thread” and “seed,” this word is an apt name for a craft that uses fine metal threads. These threads are twisted, curled and soldered to create designs that are airy and elegant. Filigree engagement rings take advantage of these designs’ delicate yet substantial nature to create styles that are perpetually sophisticated.Antique-Style Diamond Ring in 14K White Gold (0.35 Carat)

For example, the Paisley Design 1/2 Carat Diamond Ring in 14K White Gold creates a three-dimensional filigree look as delicate yet eye-catching metalwork is used to build up a cathedral-like setting for a glittering half-carat round diamond. A swirling filigree motif, similar to a figure eight, adorns three sides of this ring’s one-of-a-kind band. Crafted from cool, gleaming 14K white gold, this style is also available in 14K yellow gold.

Antique-Style 1/3 Carat Diamond Wedding Ring Set



The Antique-Style Diamond Ring in 14K White Gold (0.35 Carat) is one of Apples of Gold’s most popular filigree engagement rings, and it’s easy to see why: this style has proven its timeless appeal many times over. A third-carat round diamond is the focal point of this Victorian-inspired ring, and it’s surrounded by a setting that’s lavishly adorned with openwork and swirls. Calling to mind the motifs of over a hundred years ago, this is one ring that will always be in style and that will never be merely mundane. If you’d rather a coordinating engagement ring and wedding band set, try the Antique-Style 1/3 Carat Diamond Wedding Ring Set, which combines this lovely style with a perfectly paired slender wedding band.

0.89 Carat Vintage Style Engagement Ring, 14K white goldFor a completely different take on filigree engagement rings, one that emphasizes the grain that’s alluded to in the word filigree, try the brilliant 0.89 Carat Vintage Style Engagement Ring! This stunning ring uses a total of 65 dazzling diamonds and milgrain to create a look that’s full of movement and sparkle. A half-carat round diamond is the centerpiece of this dazzling piece, while the remaining diamonds work together to form a pattern of lines and swirls. Petite beaded edges offset this network of glittering colorless gems, giving this ring a look that’s more than fit for a princess.

Filigree is nothing new, but it’s also nothing to be overlooked, especially when you’re looking for a style with time-tested beauty. These filigree engagement rings are timeless works of art.

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