Black Diamond Rings: Authority, Power, and Strength 

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1 Carat Black Diamond Solitaire Ring

The Jungle is dark but full of diamonds. ~ Arthur Miller


Genuine Black Diamond Solitaire Ring set in 14K White Gold.

Classic black never goes out of style. When fashions change, black is always in. This gleaming black diamond brings the precious diamond status to a new high, the perfect way to wear black.

The 1.00 carat black diamond solitaire is set in solid 14k white gold, a fashion statement all on its own, with a four prong setting to hold the gemstone secure.

This diamond is guaranteed to be hand-selected for the best color, clarity and consistency.

Also available in 2.00 Carats.

1/2 Carat Art Deco Black Diamond Ring

Diamonds are trumps in the game of hearts. ~ Robert Elliott Gonzales


In the game of hearts, no one can give a more unique gift that our ½ carat Art Deco black diamond ring!

The half-carat diamond is a splendid example of an authentic, natural diamond that has been treated to become dark and mysterious.

Set in a solid 14k white gold setting that looks like a blossom with its petals curling around the gemstone, this beautiful, vintage-style ring has a gorgeous swirling motif etched deeply into the white gold, which has been darkened to add contrast.

Give her a ring that will win at hearts: give her diamonds!

Also available in 1/4 Carat and 1 Carat.

Also available as a traditional white diamond art deco diamond ring.


Black Diamond Bridal Set in .925 Sterling Silver


HGO-R128WB21BLKCThe diamond has been always esteemed the rarest stone, and the most precious of all: among the ancients it was called the stone of reconciliation. ~ Lewis Vertoman

What an incredibly beautiful antique-style black diamond engagement ring and wedding band set!

This exquisite set is .925 Sterling silver with a 0.35 carat high quality center black diamond.

The Sterling bands are cut with hubs copied from genuine, authentic, vintage rings that our designers used to make a ring that hails back to the Victorian age and does it in style. The round diamond is surrounded by a six-sided halo of tiny silver dots that reflect light back on the diamond. The filigree wedding ring has the same edging.

Also available in 14k white gold.


1/2 Carat Men’s Black Diamond Regal Ring


MRG7683CTo the diamond is attributed the virtue of the talisman, and it is even said that he who wears the stone is always assured of victory, however numerous his enemies may be. ~ Garcias Ab Horto

This regal ring guaranteed success in all a worthy man’s endeavors, and besides that, it is the mark of a discerning gentleman.

The ½ carat black diamond is made up of 20 individual, round black gemstones set in a field of textured 10k white gold surrounded by a square frame. The band, also 10k white gold, has a brushed center and brightly polished edges.

The ring at its widest point measures 13mm (½ inch).

See our fine collection of men’s black diamond rings.


Cobalt Maltese Black Diamond Cross Ring

BM-CF99451CCCLike cats’ eyes gleaming in the gloom, the precious diamonds rest. ~ Robert Leighton

Knights of old carried the Maltese cross design on their banners and armor. This ring sports the same motif, alternating with a stylized stroke. The center of each cross harbors a round, black diamond.

The Cobaltchrome™ band features a rough, burnished finish for a manly look, yet is crafted with our signature Comfort Fit that keeps the ring centered on the finger, with no rocking.

Cobalt is a hard, resilient, hypoallergenic metal with a perpetual high-luster that is 4x stronger than platinum, 5x stronger than gold, and 7x stronger than silver. Because of this tremendous abundance of strength, it is shatter-proof and also scratch-resistant.

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