Celtic Crosses in Celebration of the Real St. Patrick 

Celtic Cross Pendant - 14K GoldHappy St. Patrick’s Day! While this holiday is usually associated more with shamrocks and pots of gold than it is with its namesake, there’s plenty to celebrate in the life of the man for whom this holiday is named. And, Celtic crosses are a great way to celebrate!

At the age of 16, St. Patrick was abducted and taken to Ireland, where he would be held captive for six years. Although he hadn’t taken his faith very seriously before his captivity, he turned to prayer, and by the time he escaped slavery and returned to his home in Britain, he was a very different person.

St. Patrick led a British parish for two decades, but was eventually called to return to the land where he was enslaved, to minister to its people. It’s said that he had a dream in which the people of Ireland pleaded for him to come back to them, and St. Patrick would later write that “their cry pierced to my very heart.” So, St. Patrick returned to the very people who’d held him captive with a message of hope—the message of the cross.

Irish Green Celtic Cross Pendant, 14K Gold

There are many legends about the origin of the Celtic cross, and one tells of how St. Patrick adapted a symbol common in Ireland at the time to make the cross more relevant in the culture. It’s said that he saw a circle—a Druid symbol of deity—and made the shape of a cross over it, combining that symbol of deity with a symbol of the Christ’s sacrifice.

Cross pendants that feature the Celtic cross are just as meaningful today as they were in St. Patrick’s time, and the Celtic Cross Pendant in 14K Gold is a lovely example. This warmly glowing pendant combines the Celtic cross with Celtic knots, motifs that many have adapted as emblems of eternity. This 1 ½” high piece (including the polished bale) is adorned with an interlocking network of Celtic knots, making it a more than fitting way to celebrate that the message of the cross is relevant to all people for all eternity.

If you’d prefer a style that gives a colorful nod to St. Patrick’s homeland, don’t miss the Irish Green Celtic Cross Pendant in 14K Gold. The rich green color of the cross that serves as the focal point of this piece pops thanks to its gold edges and accents, as well as the gleaming golden circle behind it. It’s just one of several pieces in Apples of Gold’s collection of Irish jewelry that incorporates the hue of the Emerald Isle.

Celtic Cross Pendant in .925 Sterling SilverThe Celtic Cross Pendant in .925 Sterling Silver is an affordable and versatile way to wear a Celtic cross. Its simple design pairs polished lines and textured surfaces, creating a look that’s always stylish and always meaningful.

Celtic cross pendants like these are excellent ways to celebrate the message of St. Patrick, not only on March 17th, but all year long! Choose one as a reminder that the cross is always relevant.

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