Three Green Gemstones to Celebrate the New Life of Spring! 

01-11-2013 green amethyst ringSpring is finally here! While the weather in your neighborhood may suggest otherwise, the official beginning of spring signals that signs of new life are soon to appear, and how better to celebrate this new life than with jewelry that displays the color of life in sparkling fashion? From green amethyst jewelry to classic emerald styles to striking peridot pieces, let’s look at three green gemstones that embody the life-filled spirit of spring.

Vintage Leaf Green Amethyst Ring in 14K White Gold

Green Amethyst

The most subtle option among the three green gemstones featured here, green amethyst is as gentle as a spring drizzle and refreshing as the smell of the first flowers to blossom after the winter’s end. While amethyst is generally thought of as a purple gem, this unique light green variation never fails to intrigue.

The Sea-Foam Green Amethyst and Diamond Ring in 14K White Gold is a simple yet stunning way to wear this semi-precious gemstone. The centerpiece of this ring is a 10mm-high oval-shaped green amethyst, 2.80 carats in weight, and it’s surrounded by a frame of dazzling diamonds. A diamond-studded band adds extra sparkle, for a total of over a third carat of diamond accents.

Pear Shaped Green Amethyst and Diamond Earrings, 14K White Gold

The Vintage Leaf Green Amethyst Ring in 14K White Gold gives a nod to both the new life of spring and the designs of times gone by. This past-inspired style gives a lovely design twist to the solitaire ring as it places an 8mm round green amethyst on a slender band bearing a delicate engraved leaf motif, an understated update that’s undeniably elegant.

If you’d prefer a refreshing pop of soft green on your ears, try the Pear Shaped Green Amethyst and Diamond Earrings in 14K White Gold. This elegant pair showcases two teardrop-shaped green amethysts and accents each one with a small diamond above. A simple setting keeps the focus on the unique beauty of the gemstones, making this a perfectly fresh style for spring.

1 Carat Emerald and Diamond Flower RingEmerald

If you’re looking for a deeper burst of green—one that looks ahead to the lush green grass that will soon be sprouting, look no further than a piece of emerald jewelry! One of the four classic precious gemstones (it’s actually the most precious member of the beryl family of gemstones), emerald has a rich color that’s sophisticated as well as vivid, and pieces that feature it are a celebration of new life to come.

Emerald Stud Earrings, 14K White GoldThe word emerald means “green gemstone,” and this gem seems to embody the greenest of greens, giving it the ability to provide a saturated pop of color that’s a welcome focal point for a wide range of styles. The 1 Carat Emerald and Diamond Flower Ring provides a unique variation on the timeless halo ring as it creates a glittering blossom from a 6mm-high oval-shaped emerald and 0.45 carats of round diamonds. Ten of these diamonds serve as petals, while an additional six of these colorless gems are channel set into the band as it gracefully curves, seeming to embrace the blossom.

Emerald and Diamond Flower Pendant in 10K White GoldThe Emerald Stud Earrings in 14K White Gold are an elegant, go-anywhere way to add a pop of saturated green to your springtime look, and they come in your choice of three sizes (4mm, 5mm or 6mm) so that you can choose just how much green you want to wear. The round gems displayed in these earrings are held by timeless basket settings of white gold and are secured with your choice of push back or screw backs.

The Emerald and Diamond Flower Pendant in 10K White Gold is a colorful and lively piece for spring. This spirited pendant uses five marquise-cut emeralds to create a simple blossom and allows it to hang from a curving, diamond-studded bale. An 18-inch white gold rope chain is included.


The brightest of these three picks, peridot has a vibrant light green sparkle with just a hint of gold that calls to mind rays of sunshine on new spring leaves. The ancient Egyptians called this gem the gem of the sun, a more than fitting moniker given its warm, life-filled appearance.

Vintage Rose Peridot Ring in 14K White GoldPeridot jewelry has a bright look that’s instantly energizing, and that perfectly captures the sense of awakening that permeates the air in the spring. It’s an excellent way to wake up your look in an instant, and as a bonus, it’s also relatively affordable thanks to the fact that it’s a semiprecious stone.

The Vintage Rose Peridot Ring in 14K White Gold gives a style inspired by the Victorian area a look that’s completely fresh and vibrant thanks to the 10mm-wide oval-shaped peridot that serves as its star. This striking stone is complemented by a meticulously crafted setting that nearly bursts with flowers. Tiny roses of 14K white gold surround the glittering green gem and adorn the band, creating a look that’s feminine and simply stunning.

7.60 Carat Emerald-Shape Peridot & Diamond Pendant, 10K White GoldThe 7.60 Carat Emerald-Shape Peridot & Diamond Pendant in 10K White Gold features a truly show-stopping stone: an emerald-cut peridot, 12mm high and a full centimeter high. This eye-grabbing gem is held in a simple four-prong setting and accented by a single diamond that peeks out alongside the gracefully twisting polished bale. An 18-inch chain is included, so this piece is ready to wake up your look the moment you receive it.

This spring, why not celebrate new life with a piece of green gemstone jewelry? Styles that feature green amethyst, emerald or peridot are excellent ways to declare that the winter has past.

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