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Diamonds and More: Rings with Two Gemstones!

London Blue Topaz and Diamond Halo Gemstone Ring in 14K White Gold

london-blue-topaz-and-diamond-halo-gemstone-ring-RXP-DR-21591LBTCAngels are like diamonds. They can’t be made, you have to find them. Each one is unique. ~ Jaclyn Smith

This London Blue Topaz and Diamond Halo Gemstone Ring in a style from the 1920s is glamorous without being ostentatious. The centerpiece of this lovely 14k white gold ring is a velvety deep blue, just lighter than a sapphire. Complementing the 7mm round gem are 30 small diamonds, 16 which surround the gemstone in a sparkling halo and the rest which add pizazz to the slender band that holds it. The Art Deco period produced many wonderful designs, but none more engaging than this ring.

14K White Gold Sapphire Gemstone and Diamond Wave Ring

PRR3020SPCWe shall find peace. We shall hear angels, we shall see the sky sparkling with diamonds. ~ Anton Chechov

This deep blue sapphire is like the evening sky, with two prong-set diamonds sparkling like the stars. The amazing symmetrical bypass design is brushed in satiny 14k white gold, and has undeniable feminine grace.

Such a lovely concentration of deep blue offset by the bright white of the diamonds and the highlights of the brushed gold! The luminous 6x4mm oval-shaped sapphire gemstone and the two charming diamonds conspire to make this lovely ring an exquisite piece to own and wear.

Ruby and Diamond Regal Channel Ring

PRR3189RBCI work with gold that holds our past and diamonds that see the future and rubies that long for love. It’s just a way of telling a story. ~ Waris Ahluwalia

Praise for this beautiful red and white ring will be plenteous, because the bold color of this ruby and the simple design make this elegant diamond and gemstone ring a fabulous choice for the discerning woman.

A single, startling scarlet ruby garners the attention of those who see this ring and wish it were theirs.

The ruby is 7x5mm, oval-cut, and held in place by two prong set diamonds. Three more diamonds are channel set on each side of the gloriously simple 14k white gold band, polished to a perfect shine.

2.33 Carat Oval Shape Amethyst and Diamond Ring in 10K White Gold

SPR8381AMCI think men should be nice to women, buy them diamonds. ~ Sam Kinison

Especially when the diamonds come with this 2.33 carat amethyst! What a lovely, showcase piece this ring is, with its rich purple gem in a striking oval shape and sparkling shine!

6 beautiful white diamonds rest on either side of the gemstone, bringing their own glimmering shimmer and fitting perfectly in the elaborate chain-linked band. The halo around the amethyst repeats the chain motif in 10k white gold. A ring to be treasured for generations to come.

Tanzanite and Diamond Ring 10K White Gold

PRR8194TZCGood listeners, like precious gems, are to be treasured. ~ Walter Anderson

How enchanting is this elegant ring! Tanzanite is center-stage in this lovely duo of gemstone and diamonds set in an unusual and unique 10k white gold band.

Expertly crafted, the oval shaped 8x6mm gemstone sits amid two white diamonds that glitter alongside. The lovely, feminine shape of the band flares on each side of the stone and then narrow at the bottom of the band. Exquisite!


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