How To Keep Diamonds From Falling Out of Rings 

three-stone princess-cut diamond engagement ring

pave aquamarine and diamond ring

I use to wear my wedding and engagement rings all the time.  Never took them off.  Then I found out the hard way that my beautiful wedding ring is fragile.  Who knows what I was doing but one of the diamonds fell out of my band.  Don’t know when or where it happened but it hurt my heart.  Yes, I know I can get it repaired but why not just take care of it so you don’t have to spend more money?

Featured Right: Antique-Style Three-Stone Princess-Cut Diamond RIng

First of all, jewelry with stones close together so that no metal shows between the stones is a pave set.  Pave is one of the most popular settings and it doesn’t take a genius to figure out why.

Now, at Apples of Gold Jewelry, their diamond setters take painstaking care to individually check all the diamond settings are secure. That’s one of the reasons Apples of Gold’s diamonds don’t fall out as frequently as some jewelers’ who machine-set their rings or set them carelessly.

Just look at Apples of Gold Jewelry’s Criss-Cross Pave Diamond and Blue Topaz Ring!  It’s soooooo purdy.  So many diamonds!   Some pave diamonds are held by even tiny prongs and those prongs don’t last forever.  Some are held by prongs, others aren’t.  Micro pave diamonds are actually quite notorious for falling out.  The best thing to do right now is to have a jeweler, not a sales person at a jewelry store, check the prongs to see if they are loose.  Regular maintenance by a jeweler is the only way to ensure the setting is holding the diamonds. Between visits though, don’t wear your pave rings ALL THE TIME.  Remove the ring for most activities like showering, working, cleaning, exercising, and yes, even sleeping.  Don’t wear the ring if you’re going to the pool or lake.  You will NEVER find the diamond in a large body of water.

Featured Above: Aquamarine and Diamond Halo Pave Ring

WARNING: Jewelry stores know better but NEVER put pave diamonds in those ultrasonic machines that clean jewelry with tiny fast vibrations.  Those vibrations are grear at knocking out dirt and grime.  Unfortunately, they can knock out diamonds right out of pave settings.

Yes, owning pave jewelry or diamond rings takes more effort on your part.  Cared for properly, tough, we can help them stay beautiful forever.

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