Diamonds: Eternal Love! 

Platinum 1 Carat Three Stone Princess Cut “Floret” Diamond Ring

QDR-3CApril’s birthstone is the Diamond, the most coveted of all gemstones, and this rectangular princess cut diamond set in 950 Grade Platinum (the highest platinum purity available in jewelry) is brilliant beyond comparison.

Our Three Stone “Floret” Design Diamond Ring reflects light not only from the center, as a round cut diamond does, but from all 4 corners as well.

Nothing says love like a diamond. For centuries, people have been giving each other diamonds as the greatest symbol of love. Folklore has it that diamonds were formed from rock when struck by lightning, or that they have healing powers. The only thing we know for sure is that she’ll love this beautiful ring!

A 1/2 Carat Princess Cut Center stone is set alongside two 1/4 carat side princess cut diamonds and 6 round diamond accent stones. The gorgeo center stone weighs 0.50 carats, and the 2 side diamonds weigh another 0.50 carats together. The 6 accent diamonds weigh 0.16 carats for a total of 1.16 carats total diamond weight. Incredible! The gorgeous band is reminiscent of a vintage ring, but it has been updated to a modern piece truly unique in style, quality, and beauty. Pair it with our beautiful 0.50 princess cut diamond earrings in white gold. If she was born in April, or even if she wasn’t, this is the gift to say, “I love you, eternally!”

Platinum Antique-Style Diamond 

HGO-R128WC Ring

What a splendid, handmade beauty this antique-style, ⅓ carat diamond ring is! The engraved platinum band is reminiscent of the Victorian age, full of details that set off the round-cut diamond to perfection. Diamonds are graded according to the “4Cs”: cut, clarity, color, and carats. This exquisite setting holds a diamond with 0.35 carat weight, the color is H-I, and the clarity is S11-S12! Who could ask for more? Created by our skilled craftsmen to exacting specifications, the titanium shines with a brilliance only surpassed by the diamond itself. Lovely as an engagement ring, it is available as a wedding ring set upon request. Also available in white gold.

Platinum 1/4 Carat Vintage Floral Diamond Enga

HGO-R125WCgement Ring

Lovely Victorian-style, floral-embedded diamond ring is resplendent with carefully cut lattice work and flowers that set off the ¼ carat round-cut diamond which is the brilliant centerpiece of this remarkable ring. Six-sided setting features tiny braids that surround the center stone. The band is the highest grade platinum at 950 grade, and the diamond is high quality and color and a full quarter carat in weight. Such a beautiful addition to any jewelry collection and a ring to proclaim your love forever! Shower her with this token of what true love can be! Also available in white gold.

Platinum Vintage Art Deco 1/4 Carat Diamond EngHGO-R123WCagement Ring

This Vintage-style diamond ring calls to mind the roaring 20s and the Art Deco designs so popular then. Brought up to date and set in platinum, this marvelous creation shouts aloud with its ¼ carat, round-cut diamond at center stage, placed in a six-sided setting surrounded with tiny braids. The band has the angles and flowers typical of the Art Deco style and is made of the highest grade (950) platinum. What woman wouldn’t want to wear this spectacular ring to show the world how much she is loved? Also available in white gold.

Platinum Vintage Filigree Diamond Band

HGO-R121WCNow here is a ring that is loudly proclaiming that the wearer is truly loved! Gorgeous filigree diamond band is evocative of days gone by with its magnificent styling. The round-cut diamond set in the very center is like a compass rose, with detailing that lets you see that the giver is your true north. Lattice work in tiny braids and exquisite engraving all around give this one its unique look. Special gemstone ring for one whom you truly love, give it with all your heart!

Also available in 14k white gold.




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