How to Look after Your Wedding Ring to Make Sure it lasts? 

Paisley Wedding Band Ring - 14K Two-Tone Gold

Paisley Wedding Band Ring – 14K Two-Tone Gold

A wedding ring is one of the most precious gifts a woman ever receives from the love of her life. You don’t want it to get damaged, so it’s better to care good care of it. These tips will help you make sure your wedding ring looks fresh and good even after many years of wedding.

It’s good to care for your ring, but leaving it behind can be dangerous. Let’s just admit we all have a faulty memory and it’s easy to forget. Once lost, there is a hardly any chance you’ll get it back unless it’s insured. A lot of women are cautious about the color dissolving issues and prefer not to wear it in the kitchen or bathroom, for fear that getting it wet can damage it, but leaving it on the counter or sink isn’t a safe option. In such case Paisley Wedding Band Ring – 14K Two-Tone is a good choice as it is truly reliable and long lasting.

It’s good to designate a specific place where you can keep it. It can be a box or a tiny container to store the ring. Once you find something to store your precious ring you won’t ever lose it.

Paisley Design White Gold Wedding Band Ring is a durable ring that makes a perfect wedding ring. Even

Paisley Design White Gold Wedding Band Ring

Paisley Design White Gold Wedding Band Ring

though it’s a commonly known fact that diamond is the hardest mineral and that there is hardly any chance of it ever getting damaged, but that’s not all.

It doesn’t mean you don’t have to take care of it. Diamonds, being the hardest gemstones are still vulnerable in a lot ways, but gold and silver are more risky as they can be bent, scratched and you may even damaging the ornaments adorning your ring.

The best you can protect your gold or diamond ring is to take it off whenever you’re doing any type of manual labor like mowing the lawn, watering your plants, washing your car, cooking food, etc. Designer Wedding Band in 18K Tri-Color G requires less effort and because of the simple design doesn’t gather grime or dirt buildup.


Cleaning it regularly is good advice by jewelry experts. Most of the people don’t bother to clean their wedding rings or bands, which results in the grime build-up that dims the shine and affects the clarity of the gemstone on the ring.

Designer Wedding Band in 18K Tri-Color Gold

Designer Wedding Band in 18K Tri-Color Gold

Regularly washing it once a month in warm water with a soft detergent and rubbing with a toothbrush is a strategy to make it last forever. To make sure it stays in a good condition get it cleaned up professionally every once in a year or two.

Insurance is one of the many neglected areas for wedding jewelry, but like any other important thing in life, jewelry insurance is as much imperative. It keeps the option for recovery open even if you stake proper care of the wedding ring.

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