Garnet Heart Rings in Honor of St. Valentine 

Happy Valentine’s Day! While most of us associate today with red roses, chocolates and cards filled with declarations of love, there’s far more to this holiday than the exchange of tokens of affection such as heart rings. The roots of Valentine’s Day trace back over a thousand years to the act of one brave man who took a stand for marriage. While there are several versions of the story of St. Valentine, here is one of the most common:

St. Valentine was a priest during the time of Emperor Claudius—a time when the church was persecuted. The emperor passed an edit that prohibited young men from marrying due to the belief that unmarried men made better soldiers; however, St. Valentine saw the injustice of this decree and continued to marry young couples in secret. He saw that marriage was sacred and ­­­­was willing to put himself at risk to promote it.

Garnet and Diamond Heart Ring in 14K White GoldSt. Valentine was eventually captured, imprisoned, tortured and put to death as a result of his stand for marriage. Legend holds that his last words were written in letter to a young woman, which he signed “from your Valentine.”

At the end of the 5th century the Pope declared February 14th St. Valentine’s Day, and the day eventually became associated with love. By the 15th century, written Valentines came into being, inspired by St. Valentine’s last words. Today the holiday is a time for both married and dating couples to express their love and garnet Rings that feature hearts are gorgeous ways to do just that.

Heart Shaped Garnet and Diamond Ring, 14K Yellow GoldIf you’d like to express your love in a way that’s bold, time-honored and sure to remain beautiful for years to come, don’t miss the Vintage Filigree Garnet Heart Ring in 14K White Gold! This Victorian design features a striking heart-shaped garnet, 10mm square, and places it within an elegantly-carved filigree-like motif. Engraved flowers and ribbons adorn the band of this perpetually beautiful ring, giving it timeless, feminine appeal.

If you’d prefer a more modern look with a heart-shaped garnet, consider the Heart Shaped Garnet and Diamond Ring in 14K Yellow Gold.  This graceful contemporary piece places a 10mm garnet heart within a shining setting of 14K yellow gold that elegantly sweeps to form an eye-catching asymmetrical look. Five small diamonds accent this setting and provide extra sparkle.

Vintage Filigree Garnet Heart Ring in 14K White GoldHeart-shaped stones aren’t the only way to feature the classic symbol of love in a garnet ring. For instance, the Garnet and Diamond Heart Ring in 14K White Gold incorporates carved hearts into a vintage-style motif. This charming ring showcases a 5mm round garnet and is accented by two diamonds, each held on one side of the center stone by a finely-detailed heart. The strong lines of this 14K white gold ring create a slightly architectural look that speaks of the strength of your love.

While Valentine’s Day has changed quite a bit since St. Valentine took a stand, this holiday remains a time to focus on love. Try a piece of garnet jewelry, such as these garnet heart rings, when you want to take a stand for the one you adore.

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