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Gold Jewelry for Nurses

Our suality assortment of 14k gold jewelry for nurses allows RNs and LPNs to adorn themselves with beautiful, symbolic jewelry that evokes a sense of solidarity and pride among medical professionals and help express one’s beliefs and ideals.

We have carefully curated an impressive collection of jewelry for nurses that exude extraordinary beauty and craftsmanship in solid gold. Gift one of these exquisite pieces to honor someone you know in the medical field or treat yourself to a special gift for all the hard work you’ve put into helping others through many years of dedication. You’ve earned it!

Jewelry For Nurses

Nurses are vital members of the healthcare system and our civil society. They promote health, educate the public, rehabilitate patients, and offer invaluable inpatient care and support. As of 2021, there were 950,000 Licensed Practical Nurses and over 4.2 million registered nurses in the US alone.

Nurses may choose from a wide variety of jewelry as a sign of their commitment to their profession. The options available include pendants, earrings, charms, crosses, paramedic and RN jewelry. Registered nurses may wear a pendant or necklace with the letters “RN” to symbolize their commitment to the profession.

Nurse Pendants

Gold Pendants can make you feel stylish, special, and confident. You cannot go wrong with a classic Caduceus Pendant in 14K Gold with the double helix medical staff and two snakes coiled around it in 14k yellow or white gold. There are many styles and options to choose from in our caduceus jewelry collection.

Nurse Earrings

A simple pair of earrings can instantly change your look and your social outlook. If you’re looking for classic gold jewelry for nurses, we have various affordable choices featuring the initials “RN” for registered nurses, as well as with the Caduceus symbol. Our best-selling RN Caduceus Earrings with lever back closures carved out of genuine 14k solid gold, are a must-have stylish piece that you can add to your jewelry ensemble in honor and solidarity of your medical profession.

Paramedic Jewelry

The star of life charms, St. George medals, and different paramedic pendants are favorites with nurses. 

There’s no better way to proudly display your dedication to the profession than with a Gold Caduceus Emblem Medical Pendant. Its textured background and the beautifully carved symbol are sure to make an impression in 14k solid gold.

Apples of Gold’s collection of paramedic jewelry is available in yellow gold and sterling silver. Don’t forget to check out our paramedic and EMT necklaces also!

The Meaning of Caduceus Symbol

Caduceus, the symbol of a snake-entwined staff, has long been associated with medicine and the healthcare industry. 

The term “caduceus” comes from a Greek word that originally meant “officer’s badge.”

In ancient mythology, before the advent of modern science, the medical industry often uses emblems with snakes because their shedding of skin was formerly thought to represent rebirth and restoration. 

Long before accreditations could be obtained, the Caduceus was a symbol of professionalism. It was also a representation of skill and expertise.

Often found in medical ID bracelets, pendants, and necklaces, Caduceus is arguably the most well-known nursing emblem. It is often used in nursing articles like medical instruments and uniforms.

The Caduceus symbol is a tribute to those who worked to develop and establish the medical trade. It is the official emblem of the Public Health Service, the Navy Pharmacy Division, and the United States Medical Corps. It is also often displayed in bold, red enamel in medical ID Jewelry, for patients who need to alert medical professionals to their health conditions in case of emergencies.

Meaningful Jewelry

Jewelry is among the simplest ways to enhance your look and make a creative fashion statement. 14K Gold jewelry for nurses is a way to give the noble profession the respect and appreciation it deserves. 

Express your gratitude to the medical professional who made a difference in your life with meaningful pieces of jewelry from Apples of Gold. And if you are a nurse, wear one of these classy ornaments with pride and solidarity.  

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