How Shopping For Jewelry Online Can Save You Money 

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While some people really thrive on the hustle and bustle of shopping in a mall, more and more people are turning to online stores to make their purchases. And jewelry shopping is no exception! Not only is it convenient, but buying your jewelry online may actually help you save money. Here’s why.

Brick-and-mortar stores have overhead. They rent property, pay fees and certain taxes that online stores are exempt from, have lot of inventory and lots of employees, too. Online stores have much lower overhead and are able to sell their products at considerably lower prices. Due diligence will show you that many online jewelers sell their jewelry well below retail, as does Apples of Gold. They are able to pass on their savings to you because it doesn’t cost them as much to do business as traditional stores.

But there are many more reasons to buy online!

red-christmas-deer-glass-bead-qrs3611cCompare the online shopping experience with shopping at a mall or department store. Especially at Christmas time, malls and department stores are crammed with shoppers. Just getting to the store is a hassle in traffic and then finding a parking space, getting jostled by crowds, putting up with pushy salespeople, standing in long lines at the register, then fighting it all to get home again. And if you should decide to return the item, you get to repeat the whole process again.

Online, you make your selection, enter your information, and click a button.

Web sites generally offer a much larger selection than traditional stores, too. And many online jewelers, such as Apples of Gold, offer a lot of custom pieces that are not available in stores. You can easily find that unique jewelry item online, where it might never find it in a brick-and-mortar location.sterling-silver-name-ring-xnr73ss

The better online jewelry stores offer superior service, too. If you need to return an item, it’s usually pretty simple. Apples of Gold offers a 45 day, no-questions-asked, money-back return policy. Customer service representatives are available by toll-free phone numbers or by email. Shipping in the United States is free, and international shipping is available.

rgf8079cMost web sites, including Apples of Gold, guarantee that all personal information you provide for payment or registration purposes is safe. Automatic encryption ensures that the risk of data interception, manipulation or recipient impersonation by an unauthorized person is low.

Apples of Gold stands behind all its products, guaranteeing the authenticity of its jewelry and providing a grading certificate issued by GIA or EGL for all diamond purchases. This is useful for insurance purposes if your jewelry is ever lost, stolen or damaged.

So spend a little time this year shopping for jewelry gifts online and get yourself a deal or two. Save some money and enjoy the shopping experience.

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