Why Shopping for Jewelry Online Can Be Better Than In Person 

While some really benefit by the in-person experience of a traditional, brick and mortar jeweler, there are real benefits when shopping for jewelry online. Let’s go over some of the reasons why online jewelry shopping can be better than shopping in person and under what circumstances this is true.

Comparison Price Shopping for Jewelry

Let’s get right to the #1 reason why shopping for jewelry online may be more advantageous than visiting your local jewelry store: price comparison shopping.

There is no question that shopping for jewelry online will result in getting the best prices for gold, silver and even gemstones and diamonds if you do a little bit of research before purchasing. On average, it’s not an exaggeration to say that Apples of Gold Jewelry’s value-based pricing model is approx. 30-40% below traditional jewelry retail. Just today, we had a customer call who claimed that he was comparing one of our diamond-cut gold rope chains to Reeds Jewelers in person. He was purchasing a 4mm 14k solid gold 22″ rope chain necklace and the in-person store had it for over $3,800. Our price for the same chain as of the time of this writing? $2,375. That’s a savings of $1,425 (approx. 37.5% savings)! That’s a substantial amount and nothing to scoff at!

Why Are Traditional Jewelry Store Markups So Excessive?

Most traditional jewelers use what is called double-keystone or triple-keystone pricing. This means that there is a 2x or in many instances a 3x markup on jewelry—sometimes more! 2X is actually reasonable for most retail (whereas Apples of Gold strives to be less than keystone in many instances). But most jewelers have greater overhead, rent to pay, stock to invest in, and so on, and all of that goes into the price valuation of a jewelry item.

With online jewelry stores, the greatest cost is tech and marketing, not overhead or stock, since many items are stored at the supplier’s or manufacturers. This is why Apples of Gold Jewelry has a value-based pricing model, where we ensure that you are paying an average of 30-40% below traditional retail.

Markups can be significantly higher if you are shopping, say, at a strip mall jeweler, where rents are even higher or at a prime location. Consider also that if you are shopping in your own state, you are required to pay sales tax, whereas out of state purchases are often not taxed (unless you are purchasing from a major store like Amazon with headquarters in many states).

Brick and mortar jewelers are also often not getting the same level of sales as online jewelers because their outreach is to their city and surrounding regions, whereas with an online jewelry store, the reach is the entire United States or often global, so there is a larger pool of shoppers, a greater volume of sales, and therefore the ability to be more competitive in overall pricing. Online jewelers are also competing with other online stores, making the competitive edge even fiercer.

Greater Selection of Jewelry

The other main advantage to shopping online for your jewelry, even your wedding bands or engagement rings, is because of the greater selection available online. Apples of Gold Jewelry, for example, as of this post, has approximately 12,000 unique jewelry SKUs in our store vs. the hundred+ that most traditional jewelers acquire and focus on. We are always expanding our selection and expect to reach 15,000 in the next few years and to keep growing as we tap into a vast storehouse of a dozen or more U.S. suppliers and manufacturers that we work with exclusively to obtain the best selection of fine jewelry at the best possible prices. We often negotiate our rates and pass that savings on to our customers, rather than increasing our margins.

You also may find greater product information when shopping for jewelry online, if you are dealing with a reputable jeweler, such as Apples of Gold, who will list the product measurements and very importantly, the gram weight of each jewelry piece, so you can determine the gold content and value of your jewelry easily. In addition, you may be able to customize pieces and inquire about various styles and custom jewelry that can also be designed and manufactured just for you, at a very reasonable cost.

Customer Service and Reviews

Finally, customer service and a company’s credentials and reviews are vastly important, especially when shopping online. Don’t make the mistake of spending hard-earned money on something valuable from a jeweler with little to no credentials or reviews. Be sure to research the company you are purchasing from before making an online purchase.

Apples of Gold Jewelry has an A+ Rating with the BBB and has thousands of customer reviews from verified jewelry shoppers. See our credentials and reviews page in the “About Us” section of our website for more information and feel free to contact us. We are here, we answer the phones during business hours (unless we’re tied up on a longer call helping a customer) and are quick and efficient in answering both emails and voicemails outside of business hours.

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