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Let Her Know How Important She Is With a Platinum Engagement Ring

Platinum is widely regarded as one of the most precious metals out there. Quite common for jewelry making until the 20th century, the metal was then taken away from the market to be used for military purposes- testament to its durability and high tensile strength. At the same time, platinum is strikingly beautiful and shiny, and can last a lifetime.

In the past few decades, platinum has reemerged as a top pick for engagement rings. Featured Left: The Platinum 3/4 Carat Three Stone Princess-Cut Diamond Ring from Apples of Gold.

The white hue of platinum sets it apart from all the other metals and is the primary reason why it is the top choice of women on their engagement day.

Platinum Art Deco 1/4 Carat Diamond Engagement RingIt is thirty times rarer than gold, which makes it unique and exclusive, while also being a lot heavier in comparison. Presenting the love of your life with a Platinum Art Deco 1/2 Carat Diamond Engagement Ring will not only show to her the immense love you have for her but will also reflect what she means to you.

Skillfully crafted, this one is a particularly special piece from our Platinum engagement rings’ collection, crafted for elegance and sophistication. Rest assured, this piece is going to make her feel special and will serve as a lasting reminder of your love.

1 Carat Blue Diamond Heart Engagement RingPlatinum is an extremely strong and tough metal, making the engraved text appear precise and sharp. Moreover, the purity level of Platinum that is used in jewelry making is 90-95 percent, which visibly makes the diamond placed on the platinum band or ring sparkle. For example, our 1 Carat Blue Diamond Heart Engagement Ring, has a beautifully placed Blue Diamond in the middle which would not have looked as exquisite being placed in any other type of metal.

This gorgeous engagement ring is carved with small hearts on its exterior to give it a luxurious look- sure to make your engagement day the best day of your life.


If you are looking for an engagement ring with a Victorian-style touch and elegance, you can have a look at our Platinum 1/4 Carat Vintage Floral Diamond Engagement Ring. It is very modern yet carries the glory of the past years for women who like classic jewelry. This ring fuses diamond, platinum and solitaire in one precious setting, which will not only last a lifetime but will also be remembered by everyone who attends your engagement ceremony.

Platinum 1/4 Carat Vintage Floral Diamond Engagement RingThe exclusiveness of Platinum as a metal makes it even more desirable to women as they want to stand out in the crowd and look exclusive on their engagement day. A Platinum engagement ring will also tell your partner that you will be as steadfast as her partner in the years to come as the ring that you given her.

Apples of Gold offers a great range of Platinum wedding rings and bands for engagement ceremonies, carefully crafted to make sunshine drip on our customers on the most memorable day of their lives.




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