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Rose Gold Wedding Bands: A Rose By Any Other Name

14K White Gold & Rose Gold Wedding Band

WEDSR-1C“A hundred hearts would be too few to carry all my love for you.” ~ Unknown Author

Your heart is filled with love for your intended, and there is nothing more important right now than finding just the right wedding ring for your perfect day. Well, look no further, because Apples of Gold has crafted this beautifully subtle, 14K brushed white gold wedding band ring with a rose gold inner surface.

When worn, the wedding band looks like white gold, but the inner rose gold is a secret symbol of your eternal love.

Ring measures 6mm wide and is also available in 14K white gold and inner yellow gold, yellow gold and inner rose gold , or any combination of colors, by request.

Also available in 18K Gold or Platinum and 18K Rose Gold.

Handmade Paisley Floral Wedding Band, 14K Rose Gold

HGO-WB22RC“Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope.” ~ Maya Angelou

You’ve leapt every hurdle and crossed every river for your love, scaling the highest heights to win her love. Now you want to give her the nicest ring you can find, and this unique, 14k solid rose gold, floral paisley design wedding band is just right. Reminiscent of the Victorian age, it is a rare piece of beauty and hand-crafted style. The band measures 3mm wide.  Also available in 18K Rose Gold, 14K Yellow Gold or 14K White Gold.

14K Rose and White Gold Hammered Wedding Band Ring

WED-PA-PWC“It is love that makes impossible possible.” ~ Indian Proverb

Impossibly beautiful, this lovely wedding ring has a solid white gold center that has been hand hammered to an incredibly lustrous finish that has been brushed to make the texture of the ring the focal point. Set in a solid rose gold band that has a contrasting high sheen finish, creating shiny gold edges. The band measures 6.5mm wide, but because it is hand crafted, you can request other widths. Made with our Signature Comfort Fit design, it’s as wonderful to wear as it is to see. Also available in reversed colors, 18K Gold, 14K White Gold, 14K Yellow Gold, and Platinum.

14K White and Rose Gold Paisley Wedding Band

WED-M-WPC“For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart. It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul.” ~ Judy Garland

With a whisper of ages gone by, this exquisite wedding ring features solid rose gold paisley designs wrapped around the center of a solid white gold band. The paisley motif shows carved swirls that pop due to the contrast between the rose and white golds. Bordered by two ropes of white gold and edged by highly polished white gold, this ring is a treasure that will be handed down through generations to come. Crafted with our Signature Comfort Fit design, the ring is as comfortable as it is beautiful. The band measures 8mm wide and is also available in white gold, two-tone gold, or platinum.

14K Rose Gold Braided Wedding Band Ring

ROSE-CC“I’m feeling alive and with every breath that I take, I feel like I’ve won. You’re my key to survival.” ~ Secondhand Serenade

This elegant wedding ring will simply take your breath away, making you feel like you’ve won the lottery and gotten a second chance at life all at the same time. This high quality, 14k rose gold braided wedding band features a beautiful braid of rose gold that encircles the ring, bordered by two tiny ropes of solid white gold. These exquisite elements are set in a solid white gold band that is finished with a spectacular shine, giving it a look that is as special as your wedding day. The ring measures 7.5mm wide and is crafted with our Signature Comfort Fit design for lasting comfort and superior good looks. Also available in 18K Gold, 14K White Gold, 14K Yellow gold, or any metal or color combinations by request, including platinum.


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