Spoil Yourself With Vintage Gemstone Rings 

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Are you a fan of everything vintage, jewelry, and gemstones? Then you will definitely love a combination of these three things because that is exactly what the Apples of Gold will be providing to you. A ring will look extremely beautiful when it is made of gemstones and defined in a vintage fashion. Here are a few examples of such rings that will simply take your breath away.

Art Deco Diamond and Amethyst Ring, 14K White Gold

The violet color of this amethyst is so strong and rich that it will make you fall in love upon one look. Wearing this ring will truly make you feel like royalty and you will instantly start thinking of yourself as a princess who should be treated as such as well. The styling of this ring is also very unique, and it resembles a jeweled crown from an era that was completely fairytale like. Each of the sides of this ring consists of four diamonds, thereby making a total of eight. When you wear such a ring, you will also gather a lot of attention around you and make heads spin no matter where you go. People from all around you will simply admire the ring and would want to know more about it.

Spoil Yourself With Vintage Gemstone Rings 1Vintage Style Aquamarine and Diamond Ring, 14K White Gold

This gemstone ring consists of the aquamarine gemstone, which looks quite exquisite, especially since it is surrounded by so many diamonds. The ring looks quite vintage, almost as if someone brought it with them from the Victorian period. With a glamorous look and great style, the ring will truly bring class to the wearer. The center of the ring also helps to bring out a cool sensation cause by the light blue gemstone. All of the stones are delicately embedded onto the ring to create a beautiful pattern and style.

Spoil Yourself With Vintage Gemstone Rings 2Vintage Filigree Sapphire Cigar Band in .925 Sterling Silver

This vintage style ring has a beautiful sapphire gemstone in the middle of a sterling silver ring. The designing is great because it resembles a great ancient period that is now long gone. This design is also something that people might never have seen before, thereby making it highly unique and attractive. If you are wearing this ring, people will definitely want to ask you more about it, thereby making you the center of attention.

Spoil Yourself With Vintage Gemstone Rings 3Why not spoil yourself with a vintage gemstone ring if such is your style statement? Vintage rings definitely hold a lot of value because they signify something that is very rare and representative of the days that are long gone. Such rings do not come about often, thus making them unconventional. The beautiful and sparkly gemstones added to these rings help to give them even more value and make them look so good on the wearer. The rings are definitely worth an investment, especially if you want something that will make you look distinctive. Vintage and gemstone are truly a great combination!

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