Something Blue: Blue Diamond Engagement Rings

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Colored gemstone engagement rings are one of the coolest ways to personalize an engagement ring. Though all types of gemstones are being used, colored diamonds are the most popular option for those en vogue. Walk the fine line between tradition and originality by rocking a sparkling blue diamond engagement ring. Something blue, anyone?

Blue Diamond Basics

Naturally colored diamonds are very rare, and consequently very expensive. Blue is one of the rarest and most highly sought after colors for diamonds. Blue diamonds in particular are so rare that most jewelers have never seen the naturally colored gems in person.

Thanks to modern technology, jewelers now have the ability to create intensely blue colored diamonds. The gorgeous blue color is achieved through a combination of irradiation and heat treatment to a natural, genuine white diamond.

What Makes a Blue Diamond Special

Some people wrongly believe that because the color was created in a lab, this makes the blue diamond less special. This is not the case, since the process used to infuse the blue color is expensive and is only used on high quality diamonds. Since the majority of diamonds do not fit into this category, very few are treated to become blue diamonds. So although they are created in a lab, blue diamonds are still a rare gemstone–and a natural diamond. Also, many other naturally colored gemstones are treated to enhance their natural coloring; it’s a common process for beautifying gemstones.

Another misconception is that using  a blue diamond is similar to having a sapphire as a center stone. However, blue diamonds have a fire and sparkle–a natural luminescence–that cannot be mimicked by a sapphire, or any gemstone other than a diamond.

Blue Diamond Engagement Rings

If you have your heart set on a blue diamond engagement ring, you are in luck. Below are three of our favorite styles, but you can also check out our much wider selection of blue diamond rings and fall in love with your own pick.

Blue Diamond Three Stone RingA blue diamond center stone is flanked by two sparkling white diamonds for the best of both worlds.

Blue Diamond Solitaire Rings – Sometimes the simplest engagement ring designs are the most timeless. This blue diamond solitaire is also available in 18k gold or platinum by request.

The Art Deco Blue Diamond Ring – inspired by the popular international design movement of 1925 throughl 1939. Available in 1/4 carat, 1/2 Carat, and 1 Carat Styles.

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