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Looking for the perfect ring to present when you pop the question? With the wide array of engagement rings in Apples of Gold’s collection, you’re sure to find that right piece to express your love and sweep her off her feet.

Finding the perfect engagement ring is a matter of considering the style, the metal and the stone. Today’s engagement rings come in array of all three of these elements, which means that there’s a ring that’s ideal for expressing your relationship. Read more.

If you’re on the hunt for a simple look, consider a solitaire or three-stone style. These rings are classics that will never go out of fashion, whether you choose round diamonds, princess-cut stones or a combination of the two.

For a ring that’s feminine and that brings to mind a time of romanticism, consider a vintage style. Engagement ring styles that are inspired by the Victorian Era or the Art Deco Period offer intricate designs that have already stood the test of time. These pieces are poised to become the heirlooms of the future.

Many couples choose to express their faith as well as their love through their rings, and Christian engagement rings are a lovely way to signify the role that your Creator played in bringing the two of you together. These styles combine innovative design with a meaningful message.

Gold is the metal most commonly used in engagement rings, and its white, yellow and rose-colored varieties provide classically beautiful sheen. Platinum and sterling silver are also popular choices. Platinum is known for being an incredibly precious metal, allowing it to easily represent a love that’s once in a lifetime. Sterling silver offers both cool shine and affordability, making beautiful style accessible.

A change in stone can make a big difference in a ring’s personality. While white diamonds are the traditional gem for engagement rings, they’re far from your only choice. If the one you love is a fan of jewelry that’s a little different from the ordinary, consider a blue or black diamond option that offers a unique twist on the classic. Or, choose from a rainbow of gemstones that add vibrant splashes of color to rings of many styles.

No matter which one you choose, you can be sure that you’re getting a gorgeous, top-quality engagement ring when you purchase one from Apples of Gold. There’s a style, metal and stone that’s a perfect fit for every proposal.

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