Aquamarine Cross Wedding Ring Bridal Set, 14K White Gold

Aquamarine Cross Wedding Ring Bridal Set, 14K White Gold

Item #: AOGEGR-3632AQW
Retail Value: $2500.00

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made in the USA

This wondrous ring shines like the navigational North Star, calling all attention to it like a beacon in the night. The Aquamarine Cross Wedding Ring Bridal Set is a perfect balance of complementary tones with its white gold and airy aquamarine stone playing off each other in perfect harmony.

This bridal set comes with two 14k white gold bands, each measuring 2mm in width. The front of the ring embodies a contemporary design, evident in the angled lines, while also including the iconic symbol of the cross to send a clear message of always keeping one's faith front and center. The brilliant aquamarine jewel (5mm) sits nestled in place, coming to life when the light shines upon it, like the sun on a star. Its light blue and white diamond-like properties give it an unmistakable presence and luster.

The ring is designed to be worn and cherished every day. It serves as an undeniable message of vowing to be true to one another and to a higher power, and to live a truly authentic life.

 Engagement Ring Stone Characteristics
 Stone Type  Aquamarine
 Number of Stones  1
 Gemstone Size  5mm
 Gemstone Quality  AAA
 Engagement Ring Measurements
 Width  2mm
 Design Size  13mm x 15mm
 Setting Height  7mm
 Metal Type  14K White Gold
 Wedding Ring Measurements
 Band Width  2mm
 Metal Type  14K White Gold
We guarantee our Aquamarine Cross Wedding Ring Bridal Set, 14K White Gold to be high quality, authentic jewelry, as described above.
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