Holy Spirit Dove Pink Topaz Ring Set, 14K White Gold

Holy Spirit Dove Pink Topaz Ring Set, 14K White Gold

Item #: AOGEGR-3014PTW
Retail Value: $1975.00

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made in the USA

This ring provides a modern take on commitment and spirituality with its contemporary double band and center-weighted topaz stone. The Holy Spirit Dove Pink Topaz Purity Ring Set is a unique way of blending a warm, earthy stone with a cool, polished white gold band.

This purity ring is an everyday accessory, sending a message of wholesomeness and pledging to a higher devotion. The ring is adorned by a selfless dove with its wings spread widely over the bands, looking straight ahead on a focused path. The dove proudly carries the perfectly cut pink topaz (5mm) for which the round shape catches and holds the natural light, making it sparkle and shine like a beacon. The ring itself is cast in 14k white gold, each with a width of 2.8mm.

This angelic ring instills a confidence and purpose in the beholder. One only needs to glance at it to be inspired by the graceful and determined posture of the dove in flight, carrying the weight of the beautiful prize on its back.

 Engagement Ring Diamond Characteristics
 Gemstone Type  Pink Topaz
 Gemstone Size  5mm
 Total Number of Stones  1
 Gemstone Shape  Round
 Gemstone Quality  AAA
 Engagement Ring Measurements
 Width  1.5mm
 Setting Height  7.5mm
 Metal Type  14K White Gold
 Wedding Ring Measurements
 Width  1.75mm
 Head Measurement  7mm x 8mm
 Metal Type  14K White Gold
We guarantee our Holy Spirit Dove Pink Topaz Ring Set, 14K White Gold to be high quality, authentic jewelry, as described above.
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