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Hugo Kohl Jewelry

Hugo Kohl Jewelry »

It’s the March birthstone, but it’s so much more. As the ancient philosopher Pliny said, aquamarine “has charms not to be denied.” Apples of Gold’s collection of aquamarine rings showcases this alluring stone in styles from demure to dramatic.

Jewelry maker Hugo Kohl stumbled upon the inspiration for his vintage Hugo Kohl jewelry designs in a rather unlikely place: in the back of a dump truck. While on a trip to Providence’s jewelry district, Kohl spotted boxes of steel parts being loaded into a dump truck to be sold as scrap metal. As one of cabinets was being loaded, its contents spilled out, revealing a treasure trove of antique jewelry hubs, blocks of steel with intricate designs used to make strike jewelry in the Industrial Age. Read more.

Intrigued, Kohl followed the truck, flagged down the driver and persuaded this driver to sell him some of the “scrap” on the back of the truck. This “scrap” turned out to be jewelry treasure, one that would lead to the design of his unique vintage Hugo Kohl jewelry collection.

Most of the jewelry hubs like that ones that that Kohl discovered were destroyed—both to save space and to prevent designs from being copied—when newer casting technology took over as the common practice in jewelry production. However, these hubs had survived and Kohl began to adapt their designs to casting technology.

While casting methods made the jewelry-making process less costly, design quality and structure were lost. Intrigued by the one-of-a-kind beauty and quality craftsmanship of the hubs that he found, Kohl created a collection of jewelry that preserved the workmanship of these designs, making them available to a new generation.

Apples of Gold’s selection of Hugo Kohl jewelry features styles from both the Victorian Era and the Art Deco Period, capturing decades worth of beauty in dozens of stunning rings with design elements such as paisley, swirls and floral motifs. In addition to traditional gemstones such as emeralds and garnets, this collection features several less traditional picks, including tanzanite, pink topaz and green amethyst, that give a modern twist to designs that have stood the test of time.

Whether you’re searching for a unique take on birthstone jewelry or an engagement ring that stands out for its time-honored expression of love, there’s a piece of Hugo Kohl jewelry that’s a perfect fit. This striking collection also includes stunning wedding bands and bridal ring sets.

No matter which style catches your eye, a piece of Hugo Kohl jewelry is a piece of truly unique artistry that brings the past to life. These pieces showcase the enduring beauty of the finest craftsmanship and time-tested design.

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