London-Blue Topaz Solitaire Pendant in .925 Sterling Silver

Item #: STLPD-85857LBTSS
Retail Value: 225.00

<b>Chain Option</b>

made in the USA


Apples of Gold Jewelry has created another beautiful gemstone pendant with this genuine London-blue topaz solitaire pendant!

The 6mm oceanic blue topaz gemstone looks beautiful in the .925 sterling silver pendant, which has a unique gemstone setting that makes it appear as if the AA rated London-blue topaz stone is part of a freshly blooming flower. The pendant, which measures 11.4 x 6mm, including hoop and bale, is perfect to wear for any occasion, and will definitely make a lasting impression.

We guarantee our London-Blue Topaz Solitaire Pendant in .925 Sterling Silver to be high quality, authentic jewelry, as described above.
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