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Pink Sapphire Earrings

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Pink sapphire stud earrings probably aren’t first pieces to come to mind when you think of sapphire jewelry, but once you see them, they’re hard to forget. These simple but striking pairs are daring yet feminine, making them perfect picks for any modern lady. Read more.

Traditional sapphire is known for its deep, rich blue glimmer—a look that has caused it to be sought after and treasured for thousands of years. At first glance, you wouldn’t likely realize that pink sapphire is related to the classic indigo gemstone; however, it shares the traditional blue sapphire’s sophistication and undeniable allure. And, as is the case with all sapphires, pink sapphires are very durable, ranking just below diamonds in hardness and making pieces that contain them, such as pink sapphire stud earrings, picks with lasting beauty.

The vibrant sparkle of pink sapphire strikes the perfect balance between daring and girly as its bright hue draws eyes from across the room. Pink is the color that we often associate with fairytale princesses and girlhood dreams, but this gemstone proves that it’s also a color for girls who are grown up but have never stopped dreaming.

While the style of pink sapphire stud earrings is timeless, the gems they contain make them completely contemporary picks, able to wake up your look and add a shot of personality. Their shape may be traditional, but these pairs are anything but stuffy. The bright color of the gems they display instantly conveys an attitude that’s fun and that’s not afraid to stand out from the crowd. carries pink sapphire stud earrings for fans of a number of precious metals, each of which adds its own unique nuance to the look of these pieces. Try a pair set in 14K white gold or platinum for a touch of cool sheen that contrasts with pink sapphire’s brilliant sparkle, or go with a pair set in 14K yellow gold for a glimmer that exudes warmth. No matter which metal you select, the stones will be securely placed in timeless basket settings, priming them to add pop to your look for years to come.

Each of these pairs of pink sapphire stud earrings comes in several stone sizes, as well as with your choice of push backs or screw backs. There’s a pair for every modern, daring lady, ready to add a bright splash of sparkle to her ears.

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