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Silver Pink Topaz Rings

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Pink Topaz Silver Rings »

Pink topaz silver rings are hard to miss. They’re bright and bold with a personality that draws attention from across the room. And, since they’re crafted from sterling silver, they’re also remarkably affordable.

Pink is the color that we associate with little girls and fairytale princesses, and when it’s a shade as bold as that of pink topaz, it gives a grown-up sensibility to this feminine hue. The daring sparkle of this gem strikes a balance between girlish charm and womanly sophistication, making it a lovely choice for any modern lady. Pink topaz silver rings capture a sense of imagination and are anything but shy. Read more.

The bright color of pink topaz gives a fresh pop of personality to Victorian and Art Deco designs. While this bold stone isn’t likely the first to come to mind when thinking of vintage styles, it’s adds a welcome twist, and creates a fitting combination of time-tested, feminine charm and bright, contemporary sparkle. One of these rings is a lovey way to show any special lady that you think she’s far from ordinary and enduringly beautiful. Or, choose a ring that pairs pink topaz with diamonds for dazzling display of brilliant color reflected by colorless sparkle.

Sterling silver is a fitting foundation for pink topaz jewelry, such as rings. Its cool, gray color offers an understated counterpoint to the daring sparkle of pink topaz, while its sleek shine provides a look that’s sophisticated and pulled together. This metal is known for its versatility, and it proves it through its ability to complement this brightly-colored gem.

All of the pieces in’s collection of pink topaz silver rings are made from the highest quality of silver that can be used in jewelry. Known as .925 sterling silver (because it contains 92.5% silver), this metal is actually a silver alloy that add small amounts of other metals to pure silver, a substance that is too soft on its own to be used successfully in jewelry. With these additions, .925 sterling silver is a durable pick with good looks to spare.

Sterling silver lends not only shine and durability to pink topaz rings, but also affordability. Although its appearance calls to mind white gold, these pieces cost just a fraction of the price of their white gold counterparts. Whether as a gift or as an addition to your own collection, pink topaz silver rings are striking picks.

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