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Sapphire Earrings

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Give her sapphire stud earrings in a deep heavenly blue. They saw the God of Israel. Under his feet was like a paved work of sapphire stone, like the skies for clearness. In Exodus and Ezekial, the throne of God is described as sapphire blue. That ethereal blue that speaks of God’s own seat, the most august of descriptors, can adorn her ears as though a slice of heaven were captured just for her. Sapphires speak also of fortitude, being second only to diamonds for gemstone hardness—honoring her holiness and the strength and resolve of her heart. Read more.

Sapphires range in color from pale blue to a deep blue-violet that is nearly indigo. Other natural hues include yellow, rose pink, and a diamond-like white. The blue sapphire is the most precious of the shades and the gemstone’s value increases with the deepness of the blue and its violet undertones. Mined in Australia, Madagascar and Whether she has blue eyes or a September birthday (those lucky September ladies have a sapphire birthstone!), sapphire stud earrings are an extraordinarily beautiful gift.

The intensity of sapphire blue draws the eye, making the gleam of sapphire stud earrings a gorgeous addition to her jewelry wardrobe. Whether set in a simple prong setting or surrounded by a halo of luxuriant diamonds, sapphire stud earrings demand attention and may attract the envy of all her friends. An arresting contradiction of deep color and startling translucency make sapphire studs appear mysterious and unique. Whether evoking the deep blue of the ocean at dusk or light of heaven itself, sapphire stud earrings flatter every woman at every age. The pink sapphire studs will delight a young girl while a wife or mother will be thrilled at the pampering of a lavish deep blue on a special occasion.

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