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White Topaz Silver Jewelry

Silver White Topaz Jewelry »

At first glance, silver white topaz rings could be mistaken for diamond styles set upon white gold. This ability to imitate a classic jewelry combination gives these pieces timeless appeal, while the affordable combination of sterling silver and white topaz makes them accessible to those on a budget. Read more.

While silver white topaz jewelry can serve as a stand-in for diamond and white gold pieces, they’re lovely pieces aside from their look-alike properties. The lively colorless sparkle of white topaz makes this gem an incredibly versatile choice, allowing it to coordinate with any color without missing a beat. Many believe that the word “topaz” comes from an ancient Sanskrit word that means “fire”; regardless of whether or not this is the case, this stone captures light and causes it dance like a flickering flame.

Cool, shining sterling silver is a lovely partner for this stone, providing a clean, classy backdrop. Every silver white topaz piece that Apples of Gold carries is crafted from .925 sterling silver, the highest quality of silver that can be used in jewelry, providing both beauty and affordability.

Times past serve as the inspiration for many of Apples of Gold’s silver white topaz pieces. The Victorian Era and the Art Deco Period come to life in a number of rings and are given a sparkling touch. In addition to being striking fashion statements, any of these pieces could also serve as a lovely engagement ring. These rings feature many of the same styles as Apples of Gold’s most loved diamond rings, allowing you to pop the question in style no matter what your budget. Or, choose a silver white topaz bridal set that pairs a striking white topaz ring with a coordinating wedding band.

A number of Apples of Gold’s silver white topaz rings feature symbols of faith such as crosses and doves. These pieces provide beautiful and meaningful reminders of what you believe and declare those beliefs with style. And, these rings aren’t just for ladies! Apples of Gold carries a number of men’s styles that use white topaz and silver to communicate faith with class.

The extreme affordability of silver white topaz jewelry makes it possible, even for those on a tight budget, to purchase a piece with a sizeable stone. These styles are available for as little as a tenth of the cost of their white gold and diamond counterparts, allowing you to purchase one—or a few—while keeping your savings intact.

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