Stainless Steel Polished Infinity Earrings

Stainless Steel Polished Infinity Earrings

Item #: QGER-SRNE732
Retail Value: 75.00



These Stainless Steel Polished Infinity Earrings are long enough to dangle freely from the ear, but are still rather compact in their design to make them an easy, all around, go-to piece. Each earring features the double loop of the infinity sign, which is a very pleasing pattern and also a recognizable symbol of eternity.

The earrings feature highly polished stainless steel with a resulting finish that adds a luxurious quality to the metal. Each earring is constructed into the shape of the infinity sign (25mm x 13mm), featuring two loops with a slightly raised center that adds depth to the design. The curved lines of the loops are made with flattened metal that creates an illusion of a delicate ribbon being formed into a loose bow. Overall, the earrings carry lovely arcs of light mixed with shadows that dance across the surface of the stainless steel metal. The earrings suspend gracefully and weightlessly from the ear.

These stainless steel infinity earrings would make a perfect addition to your jewelry collection. The French hooks make them easy to wear anytime, and their simple design allows you to match them with just about anything.

Earrings measure 25mm (1") x 13mm (1/2").

We guarantee our Stainless Steel Polished Infinity Earrings to be high quality, authentic jewelry, as described above.
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