Diamonds and Gemstones

"A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver." (Proverbs 25:11).

Three Stone Diamond and Aquamarine Gemstone Ring

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Diamonds and Gemstones

Diamonds. We pride ourselves on our collection of sensational diamonds. While we include diamonds of both slightly lower and slightly higher quality to accommodate a range of tastes and budgets, the vast majority of Apples of Gold diamonds meet the following criteria:

• Color. The G-H color grading, typical for most Apples of Gold diamonds, signifies a near colorless diamond and a stone of fine quality.

• Clarity. SI1-SI2 signifies a diamond with slight inclusions. Flaws are invisible to the naked eye.

• Cut. Our diamonds come in a dazzling variety of cuts from the classic round brilliant to emerald cut, pear, and even marquis and heart shapes.

• Carat. Apples of Gold carries diamonds in a range of sizes from Ό carat, 1/2 carat, 3/4 carat, to a full 1 carat (larger diamonds available upon request).

• Certification. Apples of Gold also features a select line of diamonds specifically graded and certified for quality by the GIA.

Gemstones. We love our colored gemstones and it shows. Here’s a little information about the quality of our gems:

• Semi-Precious Stones. All of our semi-precious gemstones, such as amethyst, citrine, garnet, and topaz or of the highest AAA rating and are nearly flawless stones.

• Precious Stones. Our precious gemstones, such as our aquamarine jewelry, emerald jewelry, peridot jewelry, ruby jewelry, sapphire jewelry, and tanzanite jewelry, are an A through AAA rating, depending on the piece.

• True Value. Highest quality precious stones are a rarity. While they may be available at a lower cost elsewhere, quality is sacrificed. It is our conviction that a higher quality precious gemstone, although more expensive, is the only way to deliver a stone that will last a lifetime.

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