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14K Rose Gold Necklaces

Made with beautiful, subtle pink hues, rose gold necklaces are a must-have unique jewelry option for gold chain enthusiasts who want the classic styles of traditional necklaces, such as box, rope or link chains, but with colorful fashion.

Jewelry necklaces such as rose gold chains come in a variety of styles, including classic box chains, rope, link, cable, curb, franco and figaro designs, many of which are featured here and available from Apples of Gold Jewelry at a discount price.

What Makes Rose Gold Pink?

As you probably know, natural, pure solid gold is a dark yellow, not white or pink or any other color that jewelry manufacturers produce. But gold in its pure form is 24 karats, whereas most jewelry on the market is either 10k, 14k or 18k and sometimes 22k.

In 14k gold, for example, there are 14 parts pure solid gold and 10 parts of other balancing or mixing alloys that are mixed in to make gold malleable and able to be shaped into the jewelry you love. This is done, not only to make it more tenable and affordable, 24k pure gold is simply too soft and malleable to shape into fine and delicate jewelry.

In order to create rose gold jewelry and harden it enough to shape into jewelry and allow that subtle and beautiful pinkish hue to manifest, other hardening alloys, most notably copper are added or mixed in as the balancing alloy to create rose gold jewelry in a variety of fashions and styles.

How is Rose Gold Made?

Precious metals used in other colors, such as in white gold chains, for example, are often mixed with a white balancing alloy, usually nickel, and then rhodium plated to make your jewelry appear white (this was originally done as an affordable alternative to platinum). But items such as 14k rose gold earrings or other pink jewelry are usually 58.3% gold and the other alloys are a mixture of copper, silver alloys and, sometimes, even zinc.

18k rose gold, for example, is made with 75% gold, 20% copper and 5% sterling silver, to create pretty pink hued rose gold necklaces and jewelry.

Rose Gold Chains

Rose gold necklaces come in a variety of styles, including most commonly, rose gold box chains, rope chains, cable chains and even figaro or curb link designs. Box chain necklaces tends to be the most popular, as they are a classic, unassuming style, but unique designs such as a 1.5mm rose gold figaro chain necklace also makes a fine addition to any jewelry collection and is also a perfect size for most pendants.

Why Rose Gold is Popular

Rose gold necklaces and gold jewelry can be very popular, especially when it comes to items such as rose gold wedding bands, which are often made in two-tone designs with yellow or white gold, to create beautiful contrast between metals. The combination of white and rose gold are particular stunning.

Simply put, rose gold necklaces are extremely popular precisely because they are not the norm and their beautiful pink hues add a lot of style and fashion to your existing jewelry collection and wardrobe, whether you opt for a rose gold chain or rose gold bracelets, earrings, rings or wedding bands. The possibilities are nearly endless. Rose gold jewelry can be paired with fashionable clothing and even makeup, enhancing your sense of style that no other jewelry can do!

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