Best Selling Gold Chains for Men 


Chains throughout history have had many uses. The word chain comes from an ancient Indo-European term. Used to draw a bucket of water up from a well as far back as 225 BC, this chain was made of connected metal rings.

This 14k gold rope chain is millennia better than that original chain and used for much more personal reasons. The first is because it is beautiful and men and women alike appreciate its charm.

The second is it makes a wise investment. “The unprecedented macroeconomic backdrop has been drawing more investors to real assets like gold,” says Soni Kumari, commodity strategist at ANZ. So whether you want a gold chain for personal adornment or strictly as an investment, this one is a stunning addition to your wardrobe and your investment portfolio. Apples of Gold® has this solid gold rope chain at a discount of 23% off retail. Perfect time to buy!


Sketches from Leonardo da Vinci in the 16th century show what appears to be the first steel chain. The purpose of those chains seems to be the pulling power rather than the wrapping power and they had a roller bearing.

In the 21st century, this chain is far more ornate and obviously desirable as an accessory rather than for an industrial purpose. Note for example the elegance of the pattern of three round links followed by the larger oval one. Hammered to flatten the links, this chain is popular with both men and women. And Apples of Gold® offers it for 77% of retail prices elsewhere, making it a strong investment as well as an elegant addition to your jewelry wardrobe.


Although the classic gold chain was popularized by Run DMC, an 80s rap star, and taken up by hip hop artists, trends today make the curb chain a favorite for men and women who wear them alone or attached to religious icons like the Christian cross.

Gold doesn’t rust, tarnish, or deteriorate so it makes a worthy investment as well. With gold prices trending up even during our current pandemic crisis, Apples of Gold® makes it affordable as both a fine jewelry buy as well as a good safe harbor investment for the future.

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