Celtic Titanium Wedding Band Rings for Men and Women 

The La Tène (Celtic) designs are very stylized, without much emphasis on realism. Repeating patterns and abstract elements are cornerstones of this style.  Beloved since it first appeared in Ireland in 500 BC, here are some beautiful representative rings from Apples of Gold Jewelry®.


“At my real wedding, I wore traditional Celtic garb – a kilt.”—Chris Sullivan

Although you may identify Celtic style as Irish, the truth is that the Celtic people hail from many places, including Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. Their emphasis on the traditional motifs makes their jewelry instantly recognizable. Originally designed to protect the wearer in battle, the ornaments were forged of iron. Today, we use the beautiful Celtic symbols and cast them in modern metals so that they are beautiful, long lasting, and valuable. Ours are handcrafted in the USA in titanium!

Titanium’s most useful properties in jewelry are its powerful corrosion resistance and its hypoallergenic characteristic. The blue colors you see accenting the titanium are a layer of titanium oxide we’ve anodized onto the titanium in an electric anodizing bath.

The “hourglass” design encircling the band is a typical example of the use of the eternal nature that Celts celebrated. This is a gorgeous ring for men or women, whether you want to draw attention to the eternal nature of your wedding or just want a beautiful ring to celebrate your Celtic heritage. And remember, it is handmade in the USA! A part of our Titanium Wedding Bands collection.


“‘I have always been. I will always be. Come with me.’ It’s kind of the Celtic vibe. I am saying I will never change; I will always be the same. Follow me. This is what I stand for.”— Sheamus

There is something ethereal about Celtic symbols, a standout among the most popular motifs in jewelry. The black color in the infinity symbols that stretch in an unbroken line is the color of power and sophistication. Exuding authority and strength, black conveys a sense of security and protection.

Our thoroughly modern take on the ancient art form means that this ring doesn’t conduct heat, doesn’t tarnish, and is incredible strong. Titanium and black seem to reinforce the idea of greatness. Perfect for your wedding, our handmade wedding band is made for you in the USA. You can see more in our collections of Men’s Titanium Wedding Bands and Black Titanium Wedding Bands.


“Poetry is a special use of language that opens onto the real. The business of the poet is truth telling, which is why in the Celtic tradition no one could be a teacher unless he or she was a poet.”— Huston Smith

If Celtic teachers are poets, then designers of Celtic jewelry are true artists. Storytelling in visual representation is their medium and our artists create the most beautiful jewelry right here in the USA (not in China)!

Celtic designs and symbolism are just as appealing to women as they are to men. So though the black titanium may be a bit too strong for women, our green titanium ring may harken back to her roots, especially if she is Irish.

Our colored inlays are the result of a powder coating / anodizing process which creates a titanium oxide that is very durable and strong. The inlays are also protected from scuffs and scratches by the surrounding titanium.

If your lady faire is not getting married, this handmade ring can be worn on the right hand to honor her heritage. But if you intend to marry her, show her our wide collection of Titanium Wedding Bands for Women, which features this one and many more!

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