Cuff Bracelets: A Summer Trend 

Lightly-Hammered Cuff Bracelet, 14K Gold (3/4Accessories Magazine named cuff bracelets as a top jewelry trend for the 2013 spring and summer season, and chances are, you’ve already spotting these bold pieces on the wrists of celebrities and classy everyday Janes alike. From gold cuff bracelets that are timeless investment pieces to silver cuffs with fun and fanciful design touches, this is a trend with bold appeal, perfect for the season of bare arms and daring styles.

The ¾” Lightly-Hammered Cuff Bracelet in 14K Gold is a luxurious example of the cuff bracelet trend. This simple yet stunning style is crafted from solid 14K white gold, making this a piece of fine jewelry with enduring glamour. With a slightly pounded finish, this cuff is sophisticated and versatile, without being the slightest bit uptight. This chic style is also available in 14K white gold.

15 Band Sterling Silver Cuff BraceletLayered looks are popular this summer, and this trend extends to cuff bracelets. The 15 Band Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet gives the illusion of over a dozen thin bangles in one effortless piece that slips on in an instant to provide a look that communicates a laid-back sense of class.

Flower Cuff Bracelet in Sterling SilverWhile a plain cuff is always in good taste, a cuff with a unique and artistic design can make even the most mundane ensemble memorable. For instance, the Flower Cuff Bracelet in Sterling Silver is bold yet whimsical, with an engraved design that makes it stand out among silver cuff bracelets. This repeating feminine floral motif pops, thanks to an antique finish and the daring size of this piece. At 1 ¼” wide, this is a cuff that’s daring and fun, perfect for the summer season.

Shop Apples of Gold’s bracelets for a full range of cuff bracelets for summer! Whether you go with a simple, timeless gold cuff or a silver style with unique design touches, cuffs are one trend that’s worth trying!

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