Diamond Solitaire Rings: The Many Faces of Singular Stones 

04-25-2013 Love is a gameChances are, diamond solitaire rings are the styles that first come to mind when you think of an engagement ring. These pieces have truly timeless good looks that make them perpetual favorites, both for those popping the question and for those simply seeking a gorgeous ring that will always be in good taste.

While diamond solitaire rings all share one common characteristic—they all feature a single stone—they’re not all the same! A change in the cut of the stone, in the metal that holds it or even in the color of the stone, from traditional white to blue or black, can make a big difference in a solitaire ring’s appearance. Let’s take a look at a few of the many faces of single-stone styles.

1.00 Carat Round Diamond Solitaire Ring, 14K White GoldSolitaire rings that feature round white diamonds are the quintessential diamond engagement rings. The 1.00 Carat Round Diamond Solitaire Ring in 14K White Gold is a dazzling example as it showcases a brilliant 1 carat round white diamond and places it on a gleaming 3mm-wide band, crafted from 14K white gold. This ring is simple and simply perfect, and is available with diamonds ranging from 0.10 carat to a full carat.

Princess-cut diamonds provide a more modern but equally timeless look for solitaire rings, as demonstrated by the 0.75 Carat Princess Cut Diamond Solitaire Ring in 14K Yellow Gold. This ring beautifully displays a contemporary square-shaped stone, allowing it to rise elegantly from a warm, gleaming 14K yellow gold band.

3/4 Carat Cathedral Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring, 14K White GoldCathedral settings can give princess-cut diamond solitaire rings an fresh look as they rise up to meet the stones they hold like the sweeping arches of the cathedrals for which they’re named. The 3/4 Carat Cathedral Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring in 14K White Gold is a lovely example, fit for a modern-day princess.

If you’re looking for a diamond solitaire ring with a twist, consider one of Apples of Gold’s blue diamond solitaire rings. These eye-catching pieces feature diamonds with a unique blue sparkle that’s deeper than that of an aquamarine and more vibrant than that of a sapphire. Available with stones ranging from a quarter carat to a full carat, these rings buck tradition in all the right ways.

2 Carat Black Diamond Solitaire RingBlack diamond solitaire rings provide another unexpected take on single-stone style, one that’s incredibly glamorous with a hint of mystery. The 2 Carat Black Diamond Solitaire Ring takes full advantage of the black diamond’s sophistication and intrigue by placing a stunning, can’t-miss-it 2-carat round black diamond on a gleaming 14K white gold band. This show-stopping piece gives the classic solitaire a chic new personality that’s just as versatile as the traditional look upon which it’s based. If you’d rather a ring that’s slightly more subtle, but with the same sense of mystery, Apples of Gold also carries black diamond solitaire rings with half-carat and 1-carat stones.

Single-stoned rings come in far more than a single style. These rings prove that there’s more than one way to wear a solitaire!

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