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How to choose the Right Wedding Ring

ens3067wsetcBuying a wedding ring is something you and your fiancé should do together. Apples of Gold offers a great collection of wedding bands in all shapes, colors, designs and materials. To keep from getting overwhelmed, here are a few ideas to help you determine which one is right for you and yours.

Tradition says that she wears her wedding band and engagement ring on the same finger, so it’s important to make sure they will go together well. That generally means the same metal and style, but you can choose something totally different if you like. Bridal sets make matching rings very easy and there is often a men’s matching ring, too.

Men’s wedding rings can be totally different than the woman’s ring, or it can match in style or material.

qdr-3bandcDiamond wedding bands are popular for men as well as women. Prong-set diamonds are more brilliant, as the light is able to enter from all sides. Channel-set diamonds are better protected from abrasions and affords a smoother overall look. For a less expensive but still beautiful option, you may choose to include precious or semi-precious gemstones as an alternative to diamonds. Gemstone wedding rings are becoming more popular every year!

blue-sapphire-and-diamond-wedding-band-ring-cClassic wedding rings are usually fashioned in gold or platinum, but titanium and sterling silver are other options. You can have the look of platinum without the cost by choosing white gold, or you may decide you want the look of white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold together.

titanium-hammered-wedding-band-ringShaped wedding bands to fit around the engagement ring are desirable when she wants that matching, total look. Classic wedding rings come in a variety of widths to suit your individual tastes, so that both men’s and women’s rings can match without being too wide or too narrow.

This may be the only piece of jewelry you’ll shop together for and wear every day. Here are some tips on choosing the right ring once you’ve decided on what metal and stones you want to have.

Start searching for your wedding rings early. Apples of Gold delivers jewelry rather quickly, but if you want engraving or a custom piece, allow extra time for shipping.

Don’t worry if your tastes don’t jive. There is a world of choices and only tradition says that the rings have to match. Be different if that suits you; no one should dictate to you how you want your rings to be. Pick wedding bands that reflect the style and sensibilities of each of you.

Keep your lifestyle in mind when choosing wedding rings. You’ll be wearing your ring every day, so don’t pick something that you’ll have to remove frequently (increasing the chance of losing it). And think long-term. This is something you’ll want to wear twenty, thirty, forty or more years down the road, so don’t buy something you’ll tire of soon.

Speaking of long-term, be sure to insure your ring against loss or damage. Clean it often to keep it looking bright, and keep it safe. Have a special place that you put your ring when you take it off and make it a habit to put it there every time you remove it.


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