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Is Heavy Jewelry in Fashion? Why Light Can Be Right?

While light and minimalist jewelry pieces have been around for a long time, the trend is presently making a comeback as more and more women opt to simplify and pare down their lives in all aspects. Some women do want exquisite pieces, like black diamond rings, but most are opting for lighter options. They are deliberately looking to do more with less – particularly when it comes to their wardrobes. It is a known fact that the elegance of minimal and more refined jewelry pieces make a statement on their own. Light jewelry is taking over heavy jewelry for reasons that go beyond aesthetics.

One of the main reasons behind the growing popularity is the fact that they go well with almost all outfits. A delicate set, such as this 14K Gold Diamond Heart Cross Knot Necklace (shown left/above) will work with any outfit, whether formal or informal. The modern design and the color combination complement the rest of your look, giving that sophisticated yet feminine feel.

Another big reason why women are nor turning more towards minimalist jewelry is that they can be sported on a daily basis. When it comes to heavy jewelry, you need to reserve them for special occasions, but smaller can be worn regularly without it looking tacky and bold. For instance, these 14K White Gold White Topaz Stud Earrings are a more subtle option that strikes the perfect balance of being eye-catching, but not so heavy on the eyes (and your ears) that you can’t wear them again and again if you feel like it. In addition, they give off that chic and classy vibe that is sure to enhance your style by a great deal. Simple Gold Hoop Earrings are another great, light option.

Another thing about light jewelry is that they make your features look more delicate. On the other hand, heavy jewelry such as huge earrings and chunky necklaces can quickly overpower you. Sticking to gentler pieces such as this 14K White Gold Diamond Solitaire Cross Pendant can help softly frame your features. The chic silver piece is designed to bring attention to your décolletage and collarbone, all the while going perfectly well with practically any outfit.

Finally yet importantly, light jewelry are easy to pack and much more travel-friendly as compared to heavy jewelry. There is nothing better than a hint of shine to quickly elevate any look, regardless of the time of the day. Lightweight and small pieces are easier to slip inside your purse since they occupy virtually zero space. In addition, since they complement almost all styles and outfits well, they make the perfect finishing touch to add to any ensemble you wish.

Moreover, you can do so much with light jewelry to create a fashion statement – you could layer it, stack it, or combine it with other styles of jewelry for a more hipster look. For instance, Gold Rope Bracelets work with any attire you choose. Even with layering, your light minimalist jewelry will still look classy and neat without compromising your own sense of style.

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