The Top Jewelry Picks for the Summer 

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Summer brings along long hours of sunshine and relaxation and is a great time to show off your personal style. Therefore, it is understood that perfecting your summer wardrobe is a must and your choice of accessories is just as important as your clothes, including jewelry.

Summer jewelry essentials vary for everybody, and while some prefer long pendants and delicate bracelets, others may go for stacks of bangles and bold necklaces. Regardless of your preferences, let’s take a look at some starting points.

Top Summer Jewelry Choices

1. Bangle Bracelets

Bracelets are timeless and come in a variety of shapes and styles. However, if you are looking to jazz things up this summer then bangle bracelets make an excellent choice, especially since they make an impactful statement, but also don’t jiggle around too much, unlike the majority of other bracelets. To add a more classy and sophisticated touch, you can opt for a pure gold bangle bracelet, such as this one from Apples of Gold. Eye-catching and exceptionally beautiful, this gold bangle bracelet will not only light up your summer wardrobe but also remain in style throughout the year.

You can also go with a wood or tortoise bangle bracelet if gold is not your thing. It adds a natural element to casual dresses and really completes the whole “summer concept”.

2.     Aquamarine Rings

What better way to greet summer than with a cool and refreshing blue-colored ring? Aquamarine rings are a perfect way to welcome summer and can be bought in a variety of styles and materials. For instance, this beautiful 14K white gold aquamarine ring by Apples of Gold is yet another piece that is entirely going to change your summer game. The white gold perfectly complements the blue gemstone, screams summer and will go well with all your light and airy clothing.

3.     Ocean Jewelry

Summers are all about the sunny days and the crystal clear blue waters, so it makes sense to invest in some nice ocean jewelry such as this cute 14K White Gold Dolphin Pendant. Similarly, you

can wow your friends with these silver Seahorse earrings and add a unique oomph to your style.

4.     Pendants

You can never really go wrong with pendants; their sophistication and minimalism are timeless and complement every season and every style. For instance, you can pair this stunning 14K white gold fleur-de-lis diamond pendant necklace with practically any outfit, and you can also layer it with other summery necklaces, chokers, etc.

Floral pendants also make excellent options and blend well with flower-patterned summer dresses. When it comes to pendants, your options are endless so go ahead and pick one that matches your style and the kind of outfits you wear.

Another good option is this Amethyst and Diamond 10K White Gold Heart Necklace as it adds colorful flair to any outfit. If you are more into pendant necklaces with playful details and simple silhouettes then look no further than this piece as it is guaranteed to become a must in your summer wardrobe.

These are some of the summer’s top jewelry picks that are bound to elevate your style for the season and complement almost all of your outfits.


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