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Princess-Cut Diamond Solitaire Rings: Fit for A Royal


0-50-carat-princess-cut-diamond-solitaire-ring-white-goldEvery girl pretends she is a princess at one point, no matter how little her life is like that. ~ Alex Flinn

You want her to feel like a princess every day. You regard her as the royalty that graces your life, and you want her to know it. That’s why you should consider giving her this extraordinary 0.50 Carat Princess Cut Diamond Solitaire Ring in 14k White Gold. The amazing facets of the white diamond scatter the light like raindrops in the spring. Its sparkle is unsurpassed and the beautiful cut suits her princess aspirations perfectly. The high quality and excellent color of the diamond is the ideal accompaniment to the softly shining, plain band that supports it. Four solid gold corner prongs hold the gemstone in place above the band so that it will turn heads every time she wears it. What a magnificent way to tell her how much you love her, whether she is your bride to be or your bride of many years. Beautiful as an engagement ring or a stand alone statement piece, too. Apples of Gold Jewelry offers you an exciting array of Princess Cut Diamond Rings for your consideration.


0-75-carat-princess-cut-diamond-solitaire-ring-goldI think a man should treat you like a princess. ~ Mollie King

Women deserve to be treated like princesses, because without them, men are alone and adrift. She’s the perfect complement to your life, and you want to honor her above all else. That’s a wonderful reason to offer this elegant ¾ Carat Princess Cut Diamond Solitaire Ring in 14k Gold. Of course, there are many occasions that would make terrific moments that simply require a magnificent proclamation of your love for her. Choose an opportunity to wow her with the ¾ carat diamond that will elicit gasps of admiration from her family and friends when she shows them the extent of your love for her. The brilliance of the white diamond is unrivaled by most other cuts, and the four, solid gold prongs that hold the stone lift it above the pleasing gold band, slender and fit for a royal’s hand. Upgrade to a 1 Carat Princess Cut Diamond Solitaire Ring, 14K Gold for an even more spectacular option. One of our many Blue Diamond Rings that include solitaires.


princess-cut-blue-diamond-solitaire-ring-aogrg-300bdcA man who treats his woman like a princess is proof that he has been raised by a queen. ~ Wiz Khalifa

God bless the gentleman who treats his lady like royalty, for he has, indeed, been raised by a queen! The sublime gift to give your princess is this royal blue, 1 Carat Princess Cut Blue Diamond Solitaire Ring that announces her presence as well as the blowing of trumpets. She will sweep into a room on the arm of her Prince Charming, and all heads will turn in delight when they see her. For she is, indeed, head and shoulders above the crowd and born for this. The exquisite, blue diamond represents serenity, peace, and love, and you will surely be gifting her with more than a mere ring with this treasure. Held aloft, above the softly shining white gold band that has a ridge in the middle to add interest to the plain band, the gemstone is held securely in place with solid gold corner prongs. Lovely as an engagement ring or a stand alone ring. See more Blue Diamond Rings for more inspiration!


ens1503-arcAlways know that in every girl, there is a princess with a strength of a warrior. ~ Unknown

Every girl deserves the title of princess, at least once in her life, even if she is a warrior. This Princess Cut 0.75 Carat Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring in 14k Rose Gold signifies that designation, with you as her ultimate prince. While white gold represents friendship and yellow gold means fidelity, rose gold represents love. The soft blush of the elegant metal has a very subtle and delicate color that intensifies with age. The three-quarter, nearly colorless diamond’s princess-cut facets catch the light and immediately bounce it back up, giving it an instantaneous shine. The opulent shine of the dainty band is so feminine and looks lovely on a lady’s finger, so get down on that knee and pop the question! She’s sure to say yes when the light from the sparkling diamond matches the light in her prince’s eyes! Apples of Gold Jewelry offers a large selection of Rose Gold Engagement Rings for your contemplation.


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