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Silver Paisley Wedding Bands


“When I think of Paisley, I think of everything that has shaped my life.” — Paolo Nutini

The Paisley has a long history, depending upon which origin story you favor. The oldest says that the design originated in ancient Babylon in present-day Iraq around 1700 BC.

Fortunately, our exquisitely engraved silver paisley-swirl wedding ring is polished up to bring an ancient symbol to .925 sterling silver, fashioned into a brilliant wedding ring. The gentle swirls and floral shapes actually represent a cypress tree along with a spray of floral elements.

Ours has our Signature Comfort Fit styling that makes it easy to wear all day due to the slightly rounded inside that makes your finger more comfortable than any other design. This one is 8mm wide, but it is available in 5mm, 6mm, and 7mm sizes as well, so you can choose the width that you like best. We have many more Silver Wedding Bands that include many with the highly favored paisley pattern.


“I was born in Glasgow. But my family is pretty much from a little town called Paisley, famous for its cotton mills and paisley pattern.” — Gerard Butler

A second origin story has the beautiful paisley pattern originating in Persia around 200 to 650 AD. American quilters in the 18th century fondly called the paisley shape “Persian pickles.”

This gorgeous sterling silver wedding band features a raised almond-branch paisley design that encircles your finger and is edged by tiny silver beads on both sides. It’s deep design stands out from the polished band and is a mere 4mm wide. The slimmer silhouette brings it right up-to-date and makes it perfect for the delicate hands of your bride. Its yellow gold counterpart is available in our collection of Yellow Gold Wedding Bands.


“Paisley offered me and my family a life, way back, and it has continued to do so.” — Paolo Nutini

Although the original paisley shape looked similar to a gently curved teardrop, many different designs have been called paisley. What they have in common is the interacting placement of the elements, always curling around each other to create a flowing design that catches the eye.

This silver paisley etched wedding band has the appealing floral shapes that are so sought-after. Rarely do they achieve the allure of this fascinating wedding band. The delightful paisley pattern is framed by two lines of silver beads and brightly polished edges that go completely around the ring.

This very special wedding band is also available in our Design Platinum Wedding Bands in all platinum, only from Apples of Gold Jewelry®!


“I’ve always enjoyed the bohemia of Paisley.” — Paolo Nutini

Paulo Nutini loudly lauds his hometown of Paisley as the ultimate destination, but when you’re looking for the perfect wedding band, our silver paisley wedding band ring is the destination for which you’ve been searching.

The soft paisley design, edged on either side with ribbons of tiny silver beads, is relaxing to the eyes and features our Signature Comfort Fit styling that makes it a comfort to wear, too. The variation in texture from the smooth, gleaming edges to the beads and on to the beautifully crafted paisley is delightful to behold and to wear. Of course it makes a wonderful wedding band, but worn on the other hand it makes a bold fashion statement, too.

Made in argentium sterling silver absolutely will not tarnish. You can find this and many other designs in our collection of White Gold Wedding Bands.

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