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Stay Stylish With The Latest Monogram Jewelry Trends

Jewelry trends are often changing to suit the latest fashion styles or current season. But here at Apples of Gold, we are committed to staying updated with the latest jewelry trends to keep you staying stylish for any outfit, any occassion and any season.

Lately, the trend is monogram jewelry. Monogram jewelry is a special design where two or more letters are interwoven together, representing a person’s initials, or other personal significance. Monogrammed jewelry is personalized to each individual’s tastes, and can come in sterling silver, yellow gold or white gold. It is the perfect gift for that special someone or significant other in your life. Apples of Gold also has fantastic monogram jewelry pieces for men too. Monogram jewelry is perfect for everyone.

1. Monogram Necklaces

This sterling silver monogram necklace from Apples of Gold showcases three letters interwoven to represent either initials for the individual, or for a couple. Choosing up to three letters, you can customize this necklace to suit your exact needs. For couples, the first letter can represent the initial of the man’s first name, the middle letter being slightly bigger in size can represent the initial of their surname, with the last letter representing the initial of the woman’s first name. Perfect jewelry piece to present to your significant other!

Another stunning example of a monogram necklace piece, that has a more versatile look is this handmade engraved monogram medallion necklace in sterling silver. This is a fantastic gift idea to commemorate a significant ocassion.

There is also the classic medallion pendant in sterling silver for you to choose from as well. The initials chosen are made in the centre with the medallion ring creating the border of the piece. This classic medallion pendant comes in 14K gold and 14K white gold too.

Say I love you to your wife with this gorgeous 14K white gold heart monogram pendant! Choose up to three initials to create the centre-piece of this pendant, with a love heart shape finalizing the design, representing your love for your other half.

2. Monogram Earrings

If you have a significant other, or know a personal someone who loves earrings, then monogrammed earrings are beautiful gifts to get for those special people! Take a look at these examples:

These sterling silver monogram earrings are such a great gift to get that special someone, because it not only will match any style and ocassion, but the design is so elegant, and yet it is three letters connected together. It also comes as 14K of white gold monogram earrings also.

The classic monogram design as depicted above as pendants is also available as earrings! Choose up to three letters and either sterling silver or 14K gold to finalise the piece.


Similar to the pendant designs above, Apples of Gold have the medallion monogram design with the initials in the centre, and circled border on the outside, in earrings too. These earrings come in sterling silver, 14K yellow gold and 14K white gold.

We haven’t forgotten about the love heart shaped monogram earrings design! This gorgeous jewelry piece are featured as earrings too!

3. Monogram Rings

Imagine this: you and your loved one want to create a unique and heart-felt wedding ceremony right down to the rings that you get for one another. You want something a little different than traditional diamond engagement rings, and classic silver or gold wedding bands. You both want something that will truly stand out and make the day even more special! Something that will showcase your love for one another for all eternity. Apples of Gold has the answer for you! Monogram rings! As mentioned above with necklaces, we have rings that can be personalized for couples that allow you to choose up to three letters which can easily represent the initial of both couple’s first names, and the initial of the surname to go in the center of the jewelry design. Check out these stunning examples (as always we have the rings available in sterling silver, 14K gold and 14K white gold):

Add an even more romantic touch with these gorgeous double heart engraveable signet ring available in gold, white gold and rose gold. Or try the ornamented custom monogram ring to suit any formal event.

4. Monogram Bracelets

Allow yourself to branch out and take advantage of these amazing monogram bracelets that let you personalize the design right down to deciding on the ornate letters and make of the bracelet (gold, white gold and rose gold). These bracelets will definitely suit any style and occassion and are such a feminine piece to purchase for that special someone in your life, whether it’s your wife, sister or mother!

Even if you are looking for something more simple, but still has the wow factor, this sterling silver monogram bracelet is the perfect gift! You can still personalize the design by adding up to three letters to the center of the piece.

5. Monogram For Men

I know I have been sharing with you so many gorgeous and wonderful designs for women, and you’re probably thinking, well that’s it for monogram jewelry, it’s all for the ladies. But wait! No it isn’t! Apples of Gold has some fantastic monogram jewelry designs for men as well!

Have a look at this monogram ring for men. The design on this ring gives off a more artistic feel with the black enameled block background, and the initials being slightly raised above, giving it a more 3D look, and is such a stylish ring in sterling silver to suit your everyday looks!

Choose up to three letters to add to the center of the ring, and finalize the piece by selecting the ring band to be in either Sterling Silver, 14K gold or 14K white gold. These letters can easily represent whatever your heart desires, whether it’s someone’s name, or it represents a man’s favorite football player, or significant event in their life. The options are endless!

Now you understand why monogram jewelry is trending! Simple, yet sophisticated and personalized designs that will suit anyone and everyone! Check out all of the monogram jewelry pieces at Apples of Gold today!

God bless.


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